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Geographical names and locations are contemporary.

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    Abileah, Joseph (1915 – Haifa 1994).
      Pacifist and musician. Lived in Haifa from 1926.
      ARC. 4º 1807 (NL)

    Abramowitz, Eva ( Berdichev 1863 – 1940?).
      Medical doctor. Daughter of Mendele Mokher Seforim.
      ARC. 4º 1254 (L)

    Abudi, Yihya Moshe (Baghdad 1844 – Jerusalem 1915).
      Emissary (Shaliach) in the Far East.
      V. 274 (L)

    Agnon, Shmuel Yosef (Buchach 1887 – Jerusalem 1970).
      Hebrew writer, recipient of Nobel Prize for literature.
      ARC. 4º 1270 (CC)

    Ahad Ha’Am (Pseudonym of Asher Ginsberg) (Skvira, Ukraine 1856 – Tel Aviv 1927).
      Hebrew essayist, writer and philosopher. Leader of Hibbat Zion movement.
      ARC. 4º 791 (L)

    Alexandrova, Vera, see: Schwarz, Vera

    Alkalai, Ben-Zion (Rabat 1858 – Jerusalem 1913). (Also, Aharon Manzur, his son).
      Moroccan Rabbi and author. Settled in Tiberias in 1874 and later moved to Hebron.
      ARC. 4º 1633 (L)

    Allony, Nehemya (1906-1983)

      Researcher, essayist and professor at Ben Gurion University. Past director of the Institute of Microfilmed Manuscripts. Published in the field of medieval poetry.
      The archive includes correspondence, drafts of research articles and a card catalogue.
      ARC. 4° 1900 (TL)

    Almog (Distler), Shmuel (Berlin 1926 – Jerusalem 2008).

      Moved to E. Israel in 1933. Historian, researcher of antisemitism. A founder of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism.
      Actor, journalist, political broadcaster for Kol Israel and Galei Zahal, director of Kol Israel in 1967, first head of Broadcasting Corporation, 1969-1974.
      Archive contains correspondence, article drafts, personal documents and pictures.
      ARC. 4° 1849 (NL)

    Alsberg, Paul Abraham (Wuppertal-Elberfeld 1919 – Omer, 2006).
      Former state archivist of Israel, Prof. at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1768 (NL)

    Altenberg, Peter (Pseudonym for Richard Englaender) (1859 – 1919).
      Jewish Austrian-born writer, newspaper editor and publisher.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 304 (L)

    Amir, Aharon (Kovno, Lithuania 1923 – Tel Aviv 2008).
      Poet, author, translator and public figure. One of the leaders of the "Canaanite movement" and editor of the periodical "Keshet".
      In the archive: correspondence, photographs, manuscripts, material concerning the periodical "Keshet Hadashah".
      ARC. 4° 1863 (L)

    Amiran, David (formerly Horst Kalner) (Berlin 1910 – Jerusalem 2003).
      Founder of Geography Dept., Hebrew University. International expert on arid zones.
      ARC. 4º 1800 (L)

    Amzalak (family) (1816-1918).
      Prominent Sephardi family in Eretz Israel.
      Documents and biographical material of the Amzalak family.
      ARC. 4º 1613 (L)

    Amzalak, Family – Joseph, Haim (British consular agent in Jaffa), James (1799 – 1920).
      ARC. 4º 1613 (L)

    Appelbaum, Malka, 1908 – .
      Polish-born journalist and poet. Wrote in Yiddish, mainly in Brasilian press. Correspondence with Yiddish writers.
      ARC. 4º 1618 (NL)

    Aptowitzer, Victor Avigdor (Tarnopol, Galicia 1871 – Jerusalem 1942).
      Rabbinic scholar. Lived in Jerusalem from 1938.
      ARC. 4º 1209 (L)

    Arieli (Loebel), Yehoshua (Carlsbad 1916 – Jerusalem 2002).
      Israeli historian, Professor at the Hebrew University, specialized in American history. Active in peace movements and civil rights. Israel Prize winner.
      ARC. 4º 1810 (L)

    Arikha, Avigdor (Romania 1929 – ).
      Painter. Lived in Eretz Israel from 1944.
      Available with restrictions.
      ARC. 4º 1788. (L)

    Assaf (Osofsky), Simha (Luban, Minsk Province 1889 – Jerusalem 1953).
      Rabbi. Researcher of the period of the Gaonim, Rabbinic literature and Jewish law. Professor at the Hebrew University from 1936.
      ARC. 4º 1070 (L)

    Aviad (Wolfsberg), Yeshayahu (Hamburg 1893 – Switzerland 1957).
      Writer, publicist, physician and diplomat. Moved to Eretz Israel from 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1735 (L)

    Azulai, Yehuda Zerachia ben Moshe (Marrakesh – Jerusalem 1871).
      Moved to Jerusalem in 1812. Emissary of the Sephardi community in Jerusalem. Collection of letters to and from him.
      ARC. 4º 63 (L)

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    Baer, Gabriel (Berlin 1919 – Jerusalem 1982).
      Prof. of history of Islamic countries. Publications on the Arabs and the Middle East.
      Editor of HaMizrah HaHadash and Asian and African Studies. Recipient of the Israel Prize for Arabic linguistics.
      The collection contains a few handwritten lists.
      ARC. 4° 1886 (NL)

    Bak, Meir Haim, son of Nisan Bak (19th century).
      Letters concerning his efforts to found a bank to promote the agricultural settlement in Eretz Israel, 1894-7.
      ARC. 4º 1664 (L)

    Barchan, Paul (Grodno, Russia 1876 – Auschwitz 1942)
      Russian writer and journalist, active in Germany and France.
      The archive contains: correspondence, manuscripts of articles and stories, newspaper clippings and photographs.
      V. 1281 (L)

    Bar-Giora, Naftali (Bamberger) (Hamburg 1919 – Jerusalem 2000).
      One of the founders of kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, emissary of the Jewish Agency. Active in resettlement of the Old City in Jerusalem.
      Areas of activity: establishing the 'Bamberger Archive'; research on Jewish genealogy in Germany; restoration and documentation of Jewish cemeteries in Germany.
      ARC. 4° 1867 (L)

    Batkin, Stanley (New York 1914 – ).
      Photographer. Exhibitions in New York, Jerusalem, Beersheva, Tel Aviv.
      Archive comprises collection of portraits of Israeli artists.
      ARC. 4° 1829 (L)

    Bauer, Ignacio (Madrid 1891 – Haifa 1961).
      Jewish collector, scholar and scientist.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 328 (L)

    Be’er, Haim (Jerusalem 1945 – ).
      Jerusalem-born writer, poet, editor and journalist. Professor at Ben-Gurion University.
      Archive in process of being arranged.
      ARC. 4º 1681 (Archive being arranged)

    Beer-Hofmann, Richard (Vienna 1866 – New York 1945).
      Jewish Viennese poet and writer.
      ARC. 4º 1585 (L)

    Beilis (Belis-Legis), Shlomo (Vilna 1908 – ?)
      Vilna-born Yiddish literary critic, poet and essayist. Among the founders of “Jung Vilne” group.
      ARC. 4º 1692 (NL)

    Belis-Legis, Shlomo, see: Beilis, Shlomo.

    Ben-Ammi (Pseudonym for Haim Mordechai Rabinowitz) (Odessa 1854 – E. Israel 1932).
      Author and publicist. Active in Hovevei Zion movement. Moved to Eretz Israel in 1923. V. 1694 (NL)

    Ben-David, Arye (1904-1979)
      The archive contains correspondence regarding his book on the economy of the Talmud and other publications and lists relating to his family tree.
      ARC. 4° 1541

    Ben-David, Yohanan.
      Orientalist and art collector. Born in Persia, lived and died in London.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 517 (NL)

    Ben-Ezra, Akiva (Horodec, Grodno Province 1897 – Tel Aviv 1987).
      Educator, scholar and author. Wrote in Hebrew and Yiddish. Lived in New York.
      ARC. 4º 1606 (NL)

    Ben-Gavriel, Moshe Yaakov (formerly Eugen Hoeflich) (Vienna 1891 – Jerusalem 1965).
      Jewish writer and journalist, who wrote in German.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 365 (L)

    Benjamin, Walter (Berlin 1892 – Port Bou 1940).
      German Jewish philosopher, literary critic and author.
      ARC. 4º 1598 (L)

    Berechyahu, Aharon Michael (Vilna 1869 – Jerusalem 1949).
      Secretary of the Odessa committee of Hovevei Zion. Publicist. Associated with the journals HaMelitz, HaZman, Moznaim and the newspapers HaAretz and HaBoker. Moved to E. Israel in1912.
      V. 1445 (L)

    Bergman, Escha Else (Hamburg 1896 – Jerusalem 1978).
      Publicist, active in the Jewish peace movement–Brit Shalom. Wife of S.H. Bergman. ARC. 4º 1547 (L)

    Bergman, Shmuel Hugo (Prague 1883 – Jerusalem 1975).
      Philosopher and thinker. Professor at the Hebrew University and former director of the JNUL.
      ARC. 4º 1502 (L) & (CC)

    Bergner, Yosl (Vienna 1920 – ) and Audrey.
      Son of the Yiddish writer Melech Ravitch. Australian and Israeli artists.
      ARC. 4º 1731 (L)

    Berliner, Avraham (Posen 1833 – Berlin 1915).
      One of the main scholars of Judaism and opponents of Reform.
      ARC. 4º 1662 (L)

    Birstein, Yossel (Biala-Podlaska 1920 – Jerusalem 2003).
      Israeli author and story teller in Yiddish and Hebrew.
      ARC. 4º 1627 (Partial List) & (CC)

    Bisberg, Pinhas (Zgierz 1898 – Jerusalem 1969).
      Yiddish writer who lived in Argentina. Moved to Israel in 1956.
      ARC. 4º 1450 (NL)

    Bleichrode, Abraham Isaak (Stettin 1867 – Jerusalem 1954).
      Rabbi in Berlin.
      ARC. 4º 1228 (L)

    Bloch, Philip (Tworog, Silesia 1841 – Berlin 1923).
      Reform Rabbi and historian. Reseacher of the old French glosses in Rashi’s Talmudic commentary.
      ARC. 4º 1158 (L)

    Blondheim, David Simon (Baltimore 1884 – 1934).
      American-born Professor of Romance languages.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 297 (NL)

    Bockstein, Ilia (Moscow 1937 – Tel Aviv 1999).
      Poet, artist, essayist and translator. Political refusenik sentenced to 5 years in Soviet jail.
      Moved to Israel in 1972 and lived in Tel Aviv. His library and archive were lost.
      During his life 50 of his works were published in various journals. After his death a trilogy of all his works was published.
      Archive contains: copies of manuscripts, reviews, letters.
      ARC. 4° 1861 (NL)

    Boon, Yitzchak ( Bukshpan) (1915 – Kfar Saba 1993)

      Yitzchak Bukshpan Boon moved to Israel in 1921, where he became a teacher. He continued teaching after the founding of the State and also wrote stories both for children and adults. The stories were originally published in various journals and later as books.
      The collection includes typed and handwritten drafts of Bukshpan's unpublished stories.
      ARC. 4º 1866 (TL)

    Borissov, Isak (Formerly Boruchovitz, Itche) (Horodec 1923 – Moscow 1972).

      Yiddish poet in USSR.
      ARC. 4º 1762 (L)

    Bornstein, Abraham. (1893- ?).
      Collector and patron.
      The collection mainly comprises letters from Grade to Bornstein. Also manuscripts and poems by Grade.
      ARC. 4° 1503 (L)

    Boruchovitz, Itche, see: Borissov Isak.

    Boymwol, Yehuda Leib (Warsaw 1892 – Ukraine 1920).
      Active in Yiddish theatre in Poland. Director and playwright.
      ARC. 4º 1552 (L)

    Boymwol, Rachel (Odessa 1914 – Jerusalem 2000).
      Yiddish authoress and poet. Moved to Israel in 1971.
      ARC. 4º 1617 (L)

    Brachot, Zalman (Mogilev province 1886 – Jerusalem 1977).
      Yiddish writer. Moved to Israel in 1974.
      ARC. 4º 1636 (L)

    Brann, Mordechai Markus (Rawitsch 1849 – Breslau 1920).
      Historian and Rabbi. Professor at the Theological Seminary in Breslau from 1914.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 308 (L)

    Brill, Joseph (”Iyow of Minsk”) (Gorki 1839 – Minsk 1919).
      Publicist in Hebrew periodicals, and author.
      ARC. 4º 1647 (NL)

    Brociner, Joseph (1846 – 1918).
      Publicist and communal leader in Romania. Among the first members of Hovevei Zion in Romania.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 157 (L)
    Brociner, Morris (1855 – 194?).
      Professional soldier in Romania. Brother of Joseph.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 157 (L)

    Brociner, Marco (1852 – 1942).

      Austrian playwright. Brother of Joseph.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 157 (L)

    Buber, Martin (Vienna 1878 – Jerusalem 1965).
      Philosopher and theologian. Zionist thinker and leader. Professor at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1938.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 350 (CC)

    Buber, Paula, see: Munk, Georg.

    Buber, Rafael (Austria 1900 – Jerusalem 1990).
      Son of Martin Buber. Member of Kibbutz Geva, later moved to Haifa and then Jerusalem.
      Building contractor. Executor of his father’s estate.
      ARC. 4° 1833 (NL)

    Buber, Salomon (Lvov 1827 – 1906).
      Scholar of midrashic literature and Jewish history. Grandfather of Martin Buber.
      ARC. 4º 1222 (L)

    Büchler, Abraham Adolf (1867 – 1939).
      Hungarian-born theologian and historian. Teacher at, and director of, Jews College in London. Scholar of Halacha in Talmudic literature.
      ARC. 4º 1596 (L)

    Bueschel, David (Kolomea, Galicia 1895 – Tel Aviv 1960).
      Dr. David Buechel studied medicine in Germany but worked as a businessman in Essen. In 1933 he and his family moved to E. Israel and settled in Tel Aviv, where he worked in business and films. His wife Miriam (neé Zuckermann) was born in Galicia and died in Tel Aviv in 1974.
      The archive mainly comprises family correspondence and contains a few other documents. ARC. 4° 1877 (L)

    Buloff, Joseph (Vilna 1899 – USA-Israel 1985).
      Yiddish Jewish actor. ARC. 4º 1652 (L)

    Burchardt, Hermann (Berlin 1857 – Arabian desert 1909).
      German Jewish orientalist. Killed during his third journey to Yemen.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 525 (L)

    Burckhardt, Carl I. (1891 – 1974).
      Writer and former Swiss minister. Head of the Red Cross in Geneva during World War II.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 522 (NL)

    Burstein-Finer, Yitzhak (Warsaw 1908 – Paris 1998).
      Yiddish author and poet. Born in Poland and lived in Paris.
      Archive contains letters and newspaper cuttings.
      ARC. 4º 1646 (NL)

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    Calé, Walter (Berlin 1881 – 1904).
      German Jewish poet.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 307 (L)

    Cassuto, Umberto Moshe David. (Florence 1883 – Jerusalem 1951).
      Chief Rabbi of Florence, Professor at Universities of Florence and Rome. From 1939, Professor of Bible Studies at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1787 (L)

    Chajes, Hirsch (Zvi) Perez (Brody 1876 – Vienna 1927).
      Rabbi - also chief rabbi of Vienna, scholar – lecturer in Hebrew and Jewish history at Florence University, Zionist leader.
      ARC. 4º 1708 (L)

    Charatz, Meir (Shliry, Mold. 1912 – Jerusalem 1993).
      Yiddish poet and writer. Moved to Israel in 1972.
      ARC. 4º 1702 (NL)

    Chassmann, Rafael (Kelme, Lithuania 1895 – Tel Aviv? 1972).

      Author and journalist. Moved to E. Israel in 1935. One of the founders of the newspaper HaTzofeh.
      ARC. 4º 1570 (NL)

    Chen, Avraham (Chernigov 1880 – Jerusalem 1957).
      Rabbi in many European countries, active in religious education. Moved to E. Israel in 1935.
      ARC. 4º 1522 (NL)

    Cherniak, Joseph (Chotimsk 1895 – Netanya 1975).
      Scholar of Jewish folklore and the Yiddish language in USSR. Moved to Israel in 1960.
      The archive comprises Cherniak’s card catalogue with many references in Yiddish from works by Sholem Aleichem, Peretz, Bialik and Russian sources.
      Part of the Yeda Am archive.
      ARC. 4º 1773 (L)

    Chirurg, Avraham Yehudah (Vilna 1912 – Jerusalem 1948).
      Poet and artist. Worked in the JNUL. Killed in War of Independence.
      ARC. 4º 1705 (L)

    Ciemny (Ciemnov), Melech (Warsaw 1910 – ).
      Yiddish author. Fled to Tashkent during World War II, then spent time in Warsaw, Munich and Buenos Aires. Moved to Israel in 1958.
      ARC. 4º 1533 (NL)

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    Daiches, David (Sunderland 1912 – Sussex 2005).
      British Professor of English at the University of Sussex and literary critic.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 578 (L)

    Del Monte, Crescenzio (Rome 1868 – 1935).
      Part of the literary archive of the Italian Jewish poet. In Italian.
      List is being prepared.
      ARC. 4º 1717 (NL)

    Deutsch–Wolfshout, Markus.

      Born in Zlotshov.
      The collection contains incomplete sermons and halachic novellae, a bill of sale, a Purim song and postcards from Avraham Schwadron to Mordechai Deutsch.
      ARC. 4° 1534 (L)

    Dinesohn, Yaakov
    (N. Zager 1856 – Warsaw 1919).

      Yiddish and Hebrew author in Warsaw.
      V. 879 (L)

    Dinur, Ben Zion (Ukraine 1884 – 1973)

      Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University and Minister of Education.
      Card catalogue of periodicals index.
      ARC. 4° 1507 (NL)

    Doryon, Israel (Czechoslovakia 1908 – Jerusalem 1992).
      Advocate of the social theories of Popper-Lynkeus. Came to E. Israel in 1935. In 1948 became interested in nutrition and invented new methods for grinding wheat and making bread. Wrote books on this method.
      ARC. 4º 1700 (NL)

    Dosh, see: Gardosh, Kariel.

    Dreyfus, Alfred (Mulhouse 1859 – Paris 1935).
      Jewish soldier in French army falsely convicted of espionage.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 548 (L)

    Dromi, Haim (Edirne, Turkey 1892 – Jerusalem 1962).
      Journalist and teacher in Hebron and Sefad. Active in education in Israel from 1914.
      V. 1058 (L)

    Drucker, Irme Yirmiyahu (Chernobyl 1906 – Odessa 1982).
      Yiddish author and folklore scholar.
      ARC. 4º 1698 (NL)

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    Eden (Eizenbud), Schevach (Minsk 1914 – ).
      Moved to E. Israel in 1937. Educator in Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1740 (L)

    Ehrenpreis, Mordechai Markus (Lvov 1869 – Stockholm 1951).
      Chief Rabbi of Sweden, publicist and literary critic in Hebrew.
      ARC. 4º 672 (L)

    Ehrenstein, Albert (Vienna 1886 – New York 1950).
      Austrian Jewish author and poet.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 306 (L)

    Ehrenstein, Carl (Vienna 1892 – London 1967).
      Austrian Jewish author and poet. Brother of Albert Ehrenstein.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 430 (L)

    Ehrentreu, Chanoch Heinrich (Alt Ofen, Hungary 1854 – Munich 1927).
      Rabbi in Munich.
      ARC. 4º 1806 (L)

    Ehrlich, Josef (Wolbrom 1907 – Tel Aviv 1982).
      Yiddish writer. Born in Poland. Moved to E. Israel in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1538 (L)

    Eisenstein, Elia Mordechai (Jerusalem 1867 - 1956).
      Rabbi who served in many pubic roles such as the treasurer of the Jerusalem Va'ad HaKollelim and the secretary of the general committee of Knesset Yisrael. He was also Rabbi Shmuel Salant's secretary for a few years.
      The archive contains: correspondence concerning finances and the collection of donations for the Ashkenazi community in Jerusalem; personal documents of members of the Eisenstein family; a few documents from the charities run by Rabbi Shmuel Salant.
      ARC. 4° 1875 (L)

    Elath (formerly Epstein), Eliahu (Snovsk, Russia 1903 – Jerusalem 1990).
      Israeli diplomat and Arabist, ambassador to USA and UK, President of the Hebrew University. Contains his private correspondence, research material and material on his activities at the Hebrew University. The rest of his archive is in the Central Zionist Archive.
      ARC. 4º 1661 (NL)

    Eldad (Scheib), Israel (Podvolochisk, Galicia 1910 – Jerusalem 1996).
      Author, teacher, publicist and translator. Moved to E. Israel in 1941. One of the leaders of the Lehi (Stern Gang) and a spokesman for the Movement for Greater Israel after the Six Day War. Translated the works of Friedrich Nietzsche into Hebrew.
      The collection contains: handwritten drafts of Israel Eldad's translations of Friedrich Nietzsche's books.
      ARC. 4° 1894 (L)

    Elhanani, Avraham Haim (Salonika 1909 – Jerusalem 2009).
      Israeli journalist. First wrote for the newspapers “Doar HaYom” and later for “Davar”. Moved to Jerusalem in 1912.
      ARC. 4º 1658 (NL)

    Elyashar, Eliahu (Jerusalem 1899 – 1991).
      Public figure, active in many Sephardi organizations, member of the first Knesset. Archive contains only a collection of documents about the Sephardi community in Jerusalem. The rest of the archive is in the Misgav Yerushalayim Institute.
      ARC. 4º 1701 (NL)

    Elyashar, Yaakov Shaul (Safed 1817 – Jerusalem 1906).
      Member of the Rabbinical court and later, the Rishon LeZion, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.
      ARC. 4º 1271 (L)

    Engelmann, Paul (Olomouc, Czech 1891 – Tel Aviv 1965).
      Architect and philosopher, wrote in German. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 335 (L)

    Englaender, Israel Richard, see: Altenberg, Peter.

    Epstein, David Salomón (Jerusalem 1878-Haifa 1938).
      All his works.
      V. 871 (L)

    Epstein, Eliahu, see: Elath, Eliahu.

    Epstein, Yaakov Nahum (Brest-Litovsk 1878 – Jerusalem 1952).
      Professor of Talmud, one of the first professors at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1925.
      ARC. 4º 1453 (L)

    Epstein, Zalman (Luban, Belar. 1860 – Ramat Gan 1936).
      Philosopher and critic. Member of the Hovevei Zion committee in Odessa. Wrote in Hebrew. Moved to E. Israel in 1925.
      V. 892 (L)

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    Falk, Yosef (Belz 1889 – Tel Aviv 1968).
      Writer and poet in Yiddish. Moved to E. Israel in 1936.
      ARC. 4º 1485 (L)

    Falk, Zeev (Breslau 1923 – Jerusalem 1998).
      Lawyer and Professor of Law at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1939.
      ARC. 4º 1789 (NL)

    Farkas, Ladislas (Dunaszerdahely, Slovakia 1904 – 1949 [killed in air crash above Italy]).
      Professor and founder of the department of physical chemistry at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      ARC. 4º 1710 (L)

    Felix, Elisa Rachel, see: Rachel.

    Fiksman, David, see: Knout, David.

    Fink, Ida (Zbarazh, Ukr. 1927 – ).
      Jewish writer in Polish. Moved to Israel in 1957.
      ARC. 4º 1797 (NL)

    Fink, Yona (Breslau 1906 – Kibbutz Maabarot 1962).
      Jewish German author and painter. Moved to Israel in 1960.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 398 (L)

    Fishman, Rachel (Philadelphia, USA 1935 – Kibbutz Bet Alpha 1984).
      Yiddish poet.
      ARC. 4º 1704 (L)

    Fishman, Zecharya (Marculesti, Bessarabia 1891 – Jerusalem 1926).
      Librarian and publicist. Moved to E. Israel in 1913.
      Archive contains biographical and bibliographical material on Hebrew authors.
      V. 1278 (L)

    Fleg (formerly Flegenheimer), Edmond (Geneva 1874 – Paris 1963).
      French Jewish poet, playwright and essayist.
      Archive contains originals of plays and microfilms of correspondence.
      ARC. 4º 1524 (L)

    Flegenheimer, see: Fleg, Edmond.

    Fliess, Wilhelm (Arnswalde, Pomern1858 – Berlin 1928).
      Physician and writer in Germany.
      See also newspaper cuttings in V. 922
      V. 2183 (L)

    Fränkel, Abraham Halevi (Munich 1891 – Jerusalem 1965).
      Mathematician and Professor at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1621 (L)

    Frankel, Jonathan (London, UK 1935 - Jerusalem 2008).

      Prominent Israeli historian and Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies and Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Recipient of the Zalman Shazar Award for Research in Jewish History.
      The archive contains mainly academic material, drafts of his articles and books, copies of articles and offprints for preparation of lectures and courses.
      ARC. 4° 1872 (NL)

    Frankl, Walter (Vienna 1906 – Jerusalem 1989).

      Moved to E. Israel in 1931, studied in Kaduri and specialised in growing plants and bee-keeping. Taught sport and agriculture in the “Rehavia Gymnasium” in Jerusalem.
      He published his first book in Hebrew in 1958, and in 1983 he received the title “honorary citizen of Jerusalem”.
      Founder of Kaitanat Hadassim.
      ARC. 4° 1853 (L)

    Freiman, family
      ARC. 4° 754

    Friedberg, Avraham Shalom (Grodno 1838 – Warsaw 1902).
      Hebrew writer, publicist and translator.
      V. 898 (L)

    Friedman, Jacob (Mielnica, Ukr. 1910 – Tel Aviv 1972).
      Yiddish poet in Romania and Poland. Moved to Israel in 1949.
      ARC. 4º 1794 (L)

    Friedman, Tuvia (Radom, Poland 1922 – ).
      Holocaust survivor. Moved to Israel in 1952 and lives in Haifa. Founded a branch of Yad Vashem in Haifa, which he ran for three years. In 1957 he founded the Institute for Documenting and Researching the Activities of Nazi criminals, which he runs today.
      The archive contains: correspondence, photograph albums and documents from the Nazi era, newspaper clippings, and correspondence with public figures in Israel.
      ARC. 4° 1847 (PL)

    Frisch, Fega.
      Translator of Russian authors into German. Wife of Efraim Frisch, author, playwright, editor and publicist in Germany.
      V. 1240 (L)

    Frumkin, Arie Leib (Kelme, Lith. 1845 – Petah-Tikvah 1916).
      Rabbi, author and agriculturist–one of the founders of Petah-Tikvah. Author of book on sages of Jerusalem.
      V. 951 (L)

    Frumkin, Jacob G. (Kovno? 1880? – New York after 1966).
      Lawyer, political activist on behalf of Jews–member of the Political Bureau attached to Jewish representatives on the 4th State Duma 1912-17. Connected with ORT organization in Russia and America. Chairman of Union of Russian Jews, Inc. New York. An editor of the book Russian Jewry, NY 1966.
      Archive contains correspondence.
      ARC. 4º 1506 (L)

    Fuchs, Rudolf (Podébrady, Bohemia 1890 – London 1942).
      Czech Jewish poet in German and translator into German.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 395 (L)

    Fuks, Avraham Moshe (Jezierna, Galicia 1890 – Tel Aviv 1974).
      Yiddish writer and journalist. Member of the Bund in Galicia. Moved to Israel in 1950 via London and Paris.
      ARC. 4º 1654 (NL)

    Fünn, Shmuel Yosef (Vilna 1818 – 1890).
      Hebrew author and bibliographer, one of the pioneers of the Haskala and Hovevei Zion in Russia.
      ARC. 4º 1527 (L)

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    Gagin, Hayim Avraham (Istanbul 1787 – Jerusalem 1848).
      Became Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem “Hakham Bashi” in 1840. Author of religious works.
      V. 736 (L)

    Galante, Avraham (Bodrum, Turkey 1873 – Istanbul 1961).
      Turkish Jewish statesman, scholar and historian of Jews of Turkey. Prof. at the university of Istanbul.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 411 (L)

    Gak, Joel (Rovno, Ukr. 1913 – Montevideo 1979).
      Engineer, author and publicist in Yiddish. Moved to Montevideo in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1515 (NL)

    Galindez Suarez, Jesus de. (Amurrio, Basque Country 1915 – Disappeared in NYC 1956).
      Basqe nationalist, soldier in the Spanish Civil War, delegate of the Basque government in exile in the Dominican Republic. Professor of international law at Columbia University.
      The collection contains: documents, letters and essays relating to the Basque movement and the Spanish civil war.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 561 (L)

    Gaon, Moshe David (Travnik, Bosn. 1889 – Jerusalem 1958).
      Scholar, journalist and educator in Jerusalem.
      ARC. 4º 795 (L)

    Gardosh, Kariel (=Dosh) (Budapest 1921 – Tel Aviv 2000).
      Israeli cartoonist, journalist and writer. Moved to Israel in 1948.
      ARC. 4º 1793

    Ginsberg, Asher, see: Ahad Ha’Am.

    Ginsburg, Saul (Minsk 1866 – New York 1940).
      Yiddish author, historian and publicist. Active in Hovevei Zion in Russia. Moved to New York in 1930 via Paris.
      ARC. 4º 1281/A (L)

    Ginzburg, Feivel (Lahishin, Belar. 1897 – Jerusalem 1982).
      Prisoner of Zion in Russia. Moved to E. Israel in 1947. Activist on behalf of Soviet Jewry.
      ARC. 4º 1742 (NL)

    Ginsburg, Sigmar (Karlsruhe, Germany 1892 – Israel )

      Writer, philosopher, active Zionist and lawyer. Wrote in German. Moved to E. Israel in 1933 where he was a bookseller.
      The archive contains handwritten and typed manuscripts.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 409 (NL)

    Glanz, Jacob (Novovitebsk, Ukr. 1902 – Mexico 1982).
      Yiddish writer and poet.Moved to Mexico in 1925.
      ARC. 4º 1583 (NL)

    Glicksberg, Haim (Pinsk 1904 – Tel Aviv 1970).
      Artist, writer and critic. Moved to Tel Aviv in 1925.
      ARC. 4º 1560 (L)

    Glicksberg, Shimon Yaakov (Mezeritsh 1870 – Tel Aviv 1950).
      Rabbi and active Zionist. Moved to E. Israel in 1937. Head of the Rabbinic court in Tel Aviv.
      ARC. 4º 1567 (L)

    Goldberg, Yeshayahu Nisan ha-Cohen (Stolpce, Minsk reg. 1858 – Minsk 1927).
      Journalist and writer in Yiddish and Hebrew.
      ARC. 4º 1648 (NL)

    Goldberg, Lea (Königsberg 1911 – Jerusalem 1970).
      Hebrew poet and author. Translator. Head of the department for comparative literature at the Hebrew University. Moved to Israel in 1935.
      ARC. 4º 1655 (L)

    Goldelman, Shalom (Soroki, Mold. 1885 – Jerusalem 1974).
      Researcher of Zionism and Zionist enlightenment. Moved to Jerusalem in 1939.
      ARC. 4º 1592 (L)

    Goldenberg, Eliyahu (Ukraine 1909 – Israel 1976).
      Israeli actor, director and radio broadcaster. Father of the entertainer Dudu Topaz.
      The collection contains: letters from Eliyahu Goldenberg to his wife Lili in Hebrew and Polish and his seminar paper – The Jewish Fool – that he wrote under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Lazar.
      ARC. 4° 1897 (TL)

    Goldkorn, Yitzak (Szydlòwiec, Pol. 1911 – ?)
      Yiddish poet and literary critic. Moved to Canada in 1951.
      ARC. 4º 1558 (L)

    Gordon, Yehudah Leib (Vilna 1830 – Petersburg 1892).
      Hebrew writer and poet. One of the leaders of the Enlightenment in Russia.
      ARC. 4º 761 (L) Correspondence.

    Gorr, Shmuel (Melbourne 1931 – Jerusalem 1988).
      Collector and researcher of genealogical material.
      ARC. 4º 1783 (L)

    Gottheil, Richard James Horatio (Manchester, UK 1862 – New York 1936).
      Professor of Semitic Languages at Columbia University. Active Zionist.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 467 (L)

    Greenberg, Uri Zvi (Bialykamien, Galicia 1896 – Raanana 1981).
      Poet and publicist in Hebrew and Yiddish. Moved to E. Israel in 1924.
      Available with restrictions.
      ARC. 4º 1553 (CC) and (L).

    Greif, Harry ( –1991).
      Literary estate. Poet, who wrote in German, scholar in the fields of literature and philosophy.
      ARC. 4° 1840 (NL)

    Gross, Elly (Vienna, Austria 1921).
      Israeli artist and graphic designer. Specialised in Hebrew calligraphy and the design of books and book-jackets. The archive contains: original sketches of book jackets and trademarks designed by Elly Gross, correspondence and various material about the Hebrew script.
      ARC. 4º 1883 (CC)

    Grossbard, Herz (1895 – 1994).
      Yiddish actor, born in Rumania.
      ARC. 4º 1720 (L)

    Grunwald, Max (Zabrze, Silesia 1871 – Jerusalem 1953).
      Scholar of Jewish folklore, historian and Rabbi in Hamburg and Vienna. Moved to Jerusalem in 1938.
      ARC. 4º 1182 (L)

    Grusenberg, Oscar (Yekaterinoslav 1866 – France 1940).
      Lawyer, active in Jewish communal affairs in Russia.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 322 (L)

    Grushko, Avraham Yitzhak (1880-1935)

      The archive contains: correspondence, documents, personal documents, get.
      V. 1443 (NL)

    Guri, Hayim
    (Tel-Aviv 1922 – ).

      Poet, writer and journalist.
      ARC. 4° 1813 (Archive being arranged).

    Gurland, Hayim Yona (Kletsk, Belar. 1843 – Odessa 1890).
      Publicist, legal expert and educator. Inspector of teacher training college in Zitomir, government appointed Rabbi.
      V. 610 (L)

    Gorun, Mircen (Barlad, Rumania 1922 – Petach Tikvah 2000)
      Journalist, historian and writer.
      The material comprises mainly offprints of his articles and journals that he edited. There is also some correspondence and a few personal and family documents.
      ARC. 4° 1784 (NL)

    Guttmacher, Eliahu (Borek, Posen distr. 1795 – Grodzisk, Pol. 1874).
      Rabbi in Pleschen and in Grodzisk, forerunner of the Hibbat Zion movement.
      ARC. 4º 1069 (L)

    Guttman, Julius Yitzhak (Hildesheim 1880 – Jerusalem 1950).
      Scholar of Jewish philosophy. Lecturer at the University of Breslau. Prof. of Jewish philosophy at the Hebrew University since 1934.
      ARC. 4º 1280 (L)

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    Habshush Family and the History of Yemenite Jews.
      ARC. 4º 1673 (NL)

    Hacohen, Mordechai ben Hillel (Mogilev 1856 – Haifa 1936).
      Hebrew writer and publicist, active in Zionist movement abroad. Moved to E. Israel in 1907. One of the founders of Tel Aviv.
      ARC. 4º 1068 (L)

    Hacohen, Mordechai ben Yehudah (Tripoli 1856 – Benghazi 1929).
      Teacher in Tripoli and Dayan in Benghazi and author of Higid Mordechai on the history of the Jews of Tripoli.
      ARC. 4º 1256 (L)

    Hadayah, Ovadiah (Jerusalem 1890 – 1969)
      Rabbi of the Sephardi and Oriental Jewish community. Member of the chief rabbinate of Petach Tikvah. Considered an outstanding Torah scholar. Recipient of the Israel Prize in 1968.
      In the archive: correspondence and typed drafts of his works.
      ARC. 4° 1676 (NL)

    Haffkine, Waldemar Mordechai (Odessa 1860 – Lausanne 1930).
      Jewish bacteriologist, developed the first effective vaccine against cholera.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 325 (L)

    Hager, Baruch (Radduti, Romania 1898 – Buenos Aires 1985).
      Yiddish author, essayist and journalist in Romania and France. Moved to Buenos Aires in 1952.
      ARC. 4º 1756 (NL)

    Halevy, Haim Bechor (Smyrna 1815 – 1908).
      Torah scholar, astrologer and manuscript collector.
      ARC. 4º 1109 (NL)

    Halkin, Shmuel (Rogachev, Belar. 1897 – Moscow 1960).
      Yiddish poet in USSR.
      ARC. 4º 1761 (L)

    Hall, William.
      Priest. Eichmann trial material.
      ARC. 4º 1525 (NL)

    Halper, Benzion (Zasliai, Lithuania 1884 – Philadelphia 1924).
      Linguist and orientalist. Scholar of the Hebrew and Arabic languages at Dropsie College, Philadelphia. Editor of the Jewish Publication Society of America.
      ARC. 4º 1194 (L)

    Handl, Willi (Vienna 1872 – Berlin 1920).
      Jewish journalist, writer and theatre critic, who worked in Austria, Czechoslovkia and Germany.
      The archive contains: manuscripts, articles and books, diaries of his brother, Zigmund Handl and various documents.
      ARC. 4° 1862 (NL)

    Harth, Hersch.
      Yiddish playwright and director.
      The archive includes books, pictures, playbills, programmes, plays and manuscripts of plays, correspondence and printed matter.
      ARC. 4° 1663 (NL)

    Hartiner, Meir (Kolodeyevka, Ukr. 1880 – Jerusalem 1972).

      Teacher, writer and editor in Hebrew and Yiddish. Moved to E. Israel in 1938.
      ARC. 4º 1691 (NL)

    Harussi (Novograbelski), Emmanuel (Nikolayev, Ukr. 1903 – Nof-Yam, Herzliya 1979).
      Poet, lyricist and children’s writer. Founder of the satirical theater “Ha-Matate” in Tel-Aviv and author of its first programs. Moved to E. Israel in 1924. Spokesman for Defence Ministry’s Information Department.
      ARC. 4° 1817 (CC)

    Hebel, Frieda (Darmstadt 1914 – Raanana 199- ).
      Jewish writer and poet in German. Moved to Raanana in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1545 (L)

    Hed (formerly Heyd), Uriel (Cologne 1913 – Jerusalem 1968).
      Orientalist, director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      ARC. 4º 1600 (L)

    Heilperin, Israel (Bialystock 1910 – Jerusalem 1971).
      Prof. of Jewish History at the Hebrew University, specialising in Polish Jewry.
      President of the Historical Society and editor of the journal "Zion". Scientific advisor to Yad VaShem. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      Archive comprises remains of his and his wife Tzipporah Rubin's estate. His archive is in the Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People.
      ARC. 4* 1834 (L)

    Herzberger, Maxmillian (Berlin 1899 – New Orleans 1982).
      Jewish mathematician, active in the optics industry.
      ARC. 4º 1577 (L)

    Herzog, Yitzhak Isaac Halevi (Poland 1888 – Jerusalem 1959).
      Chief Rabbi of Israel and President of the high rabbinical court. Formerly Chief Rabbi of Ireland.
      Archive contains collection of questions and rulings. Originals and copies.
      ARC. 4° 1753 classified (NL)

    Hexter, B. Maurice.
      File of letters.
      ARC. 4º 1729 (L)

    Heyd, see: Hed, Uriel.

    Hillman, Shmuel Yitzhak (Seduva, Lith. 1868 – Jerusalem 1953).
      Rabbi and head of the Beit Din in London. Member of Hovevei Zion and Mizrachi. Moved to Jerusalem in 1934.
      Father-in-law of R. Isaac haLevi Herzog, Chief Rabbi of E. Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1516 (L)

    Hirschensohn, Haim (Safed 1857 – Hoboken, NJ 1935).
      Rabbi and torah scholar, educator and publicist.
      ARC. 4º 1520 (L)

    Hochberg, Shaul (Yaltushkov, Ukr. 1870 – Jerusalem 1942).
      Yiddish writer, journalist and editor in Poland.
      ARC. 4º 1536 (NL)

    Hoeflich, Eugen, see: Ben-Gavriel, Moshe Yaakov.

    Hofmann, Otto (Vienna 1898 – Jerusalem 1974).
      Architect. Head of the planning team of the British Police Tagert buildings in E. Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1590 (L)

    Horowitz, Joseph (Lebork, Pol. 1874 – Frankfurt am Main 1931).
      Professor of oriental studies at the Frankfurt am Main university.
      ARC. 4º 1510. (NL)

    Huppert, Shmuel (Silesia 1936 – Jerusalem 2006).
      Literary editor, director of literature desk in Kol Israel, essayist.
      ARC. 4° 1830 (L)

    Hye, Anton von Glunek (Gleink, Austria 1807 – Vienna 1894).
      Austrian jurist, Prof. at the University of Vienna and minister of law.
      ARC. 4º 1511 (L)

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    Ilannae (Scheinboim), Eliezer Yitzhak. (Kobrin 1855 – Jerusalem 1929).
      One of the pioneers of philosophy of the new Hebrew literature.
      V. 948 (L)

    Iyow of Minsk, see: Brill, Joseph

    Izban, Shmuel (Poland 1905 – 1995).
      Yiddish novelist. Moved to E. Israel in 1920. Emigrated to USA in 1938.
      ARC. 4º 1628 (NL)

    Israelit, Elimelech.
      One of the founders of Beer Tuviah.
      V. 797 (L)

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    Jabez, Zeev Wolf (Kolno, Pol. 1847 – London 1924).
      Scholar of Jewish history. One of the founders of the Mizrahi movement in Russia. 1887-1897 in E. Israel. Moved to England in 1924.
      ARC. 4º 1602 (L)

    Jacobi, Paul (Koenigsberg 1911 – Jerusalem 1997).
      Lawyer, active in public life of Israel. Collection of genealogical charts and brochures. Moved to E. Israel in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1772 (L)

    Jaffe, Gimpel Mordechai (Kovno, Lith. 1820 – Yehud 1891).
      Rabbi and scholar. One of the pioneers of Hibbat Zion. Moved to E. Israel in 1888.
      ARC. 4º 1210 (NL)

    Jarcho, Julius (Russia 1882 – New York 1963).
      Gynaecologist in New York. Long time benefactor of the medical library at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 425 (NL)

    Jasny (Cipperman), Avraham Wolf (Zelechow, Pol. 1892 – Tel Aviv 1968).
      Yiddish journalist and literary essayist. After imprisonment in USSR, he moved to Israel in 1949.
      V. 1500 (NL)

    Jellinek, Adolf (near Uhersky Brod, Czech. 1820 – Vienna 1893).
      Maskil, rabbi and preacher in Leipzig and Vienna.
      Family archive.
      ARC. 4º 1588 (L)

    Jellinek, Fritz Frederic (Brno 1895 – London 1966).
      Textile industrialist in Czechoslovakia. Moved to UK in 1938. Writer.
      Manuscripts on various subjects.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 453. (L)

    Jerusalem, Wilhelm (Drenic, Czech. 1854 – Vienna 1923) and Edmond.
      Jewish philosopher and psychologist. Prof. at the University of Vienna.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 455 (L)

    Jokl, Anna Maria (Vienna 1911 – Jerusalem 2001).
      Psychotherapist, author, playwright and journalist. Moved to Jerusalem in 1965.
      ARC. 4º 1542 I & II (L)

    Joseph, Max (Filehn, Posen 1868 – Haifa 1950).
      Liberal rabbi. Moved to E. Israel in 1939.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 389 (NL)

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    Kagan, Helena (Tashkent, Uzbek. 1899 – Jerusalem 1978).
      Founder of pediatric medicine in E. Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1718 (L)

    Kahana, Abraham (Skomorokhy, Ukr. 1874 – Tel Aviv 1946).
      Historian, scholar of Bible, chassidism and Apocrypha. Moved to E. Israel in 1923.
      ARC. 4º 1569 (L)

    Kahana - Carmon, Amalia (Ein Harod 1926 – ).
      Israeli novelist.
      The archive is closed to the public.
      ARC. 4º 1574 (NL)

    Kahn, Gustave (Metz 1859 – Paris 1936).
      French Jewish poet and author, literary critic and editor of the periodical “Menorah”.
      Archive only contains his literary estate.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 143 (L)

    Kalner, Horst, see: Amiran, David.

    Kamelhar, Jekutiel Aryeh (Kolaczyce, Pol. 1871 – Jerusalem 1937).
      Rabbi and author. Moved to E. Israel in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1517 (L)

    Kaminer, Reuven and Dafna.
      Collection of posters, newspaper cuttings, publications and journals from organizations on the Israeli radical left between the years 1968-1990.
      ARC. 4° 1896 (temporary listing)

    Kanel, Zvi.
      Publisher and book seller in Germany.
      ARC. 4º 1604 (NL)

    Kantorowitz-Elioeiny, Meir.
      Scholar of the Bible and educator. Died in Russia.
      ARC. 4º 1611 (NL)

    Kanc, Shimon (Krásná Lipa, Chech. 1914 – Tel Aviv 1990).
      Yiddish writer and journalist. Moved to Israel in 1957.
      ARC. 4º 1733 (L)

    Kaplan, Israel (Volozhin, Belar. 1902 – Tel Aviv 2003).
      Historian and Yiddish writer. Moved to Israel in 1949.
      ARC. 4º 1795 (L)

    Katzav, Aharon-Abraham (Chernyany, Belar. 1916 – Sderot 2000).
      Yiddish writer in USSR. Moved to Israel in 199- .
      ARC. 4º 1766 (NL)

    Kaufman, Yehezkel (Dunayevtsy, Ukr. 1889 – Jerusalem 1963).
      Philosopher and scholar of the Bible. Moved to E. Israel in 1929. Prof. at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1217 (L)

    Kavey, Lilia (1889 – 1986).
      American active in the organization for bringing the Falasha to Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1693 (L)

    Kayser, Rudolf (Parchim, Germany 1889– New York 1964).
      German Jewish author and literary journalist. From 1924, editor in chief of the literary periodical “Die Neue Rundschau” in Berlin. 1935 settled in USA and held the chair of German and European literatures at Brandeis University (1951-1957). Son-in-law of Albert Einstein.
      Archive in process of being arranged.
      ARC. 4° 1820 (NL)

    Kayserling, Moritz Meyer (Hannover 1829 – Budapest 1905).
      Historian and Rabbi in Budapest.
      V. 894 (L)

    Kaznelson (Weltsch), Lise (Prague 1889 – Jerusalem 1974) and
    Katznelson Siegmund (Warsaw 1893 – Jerusalem 1959).
      Lise: Active Zionist in Prague and close friend of Kafka.
      Siegmund: Jurist, journalist and editor in Prague and Berlin. Moved to E. Israel in 1937.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 419 (NL)

    Klar, Menachem Benjamin (Linest, Ukr. 1901 – Jerusalem 1948).
      Hebrew linguist and lecturer at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1937. Murdered in the convoy to Mount Scopus.
      ARC. 4º 1581 (L)

    Klatzkin, Eliahu (Ushpol, Lith. 1852 – Jerusalem 1932).
      Rabbi, author and Talmudic scholar. Moved to E. Israel in 1928.
    Klatzkin, Yaakov (Bereza Kartuska, Belar. 1882 – Vevey, Switz. 1948).
      Philosopher and author of biblical and halachic books. Publicist, editor and publisher in Germany.
      ARC. 4º 932 (L)

    Klausner, Yehudah Arie (Odessa 1910 – Jerusalem 1970).
      Scholar of Hebrew literature. Moved to E. Israel in 1933. Father of Amos Oz.
      Fragments only.
      ARC. 4º 1657 (NL)

    Klausner, Yosef Gedaliahu (Olkieniki, Lith. 1874 – Tel Aviv 1958).
      Literary critic and historian. Moved to E. Israel in 1919. Prof. at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1086 (L)

    Klein, Ernest (Satu-Mare, Romania 1899 – Toronto 1983).
      Linguist, author and Rabbi. Moved to Canada in 1952. Rabbi of Beth Yitshak Congregation in Toronto.
      ARC. 4º 1639 (NL)

    Klepfisz, Heszel (Zyrardow, Pol. 1910 – Jerusalem 2004).
      Rabbi, author, educator and journalist in pre-WWII Poland. Army chaplain in British army, rabbi in Costa Rica and Panama. Moved to Israel in 1987.
      ARC. 4º 1802 (L)

    Knout (formerly Fiksman), David (Kishinev, Mold. 1900 – Tel Aviv 1955).
      Jewish poet who wrote in Russian, publicist and active Zionist in France. One of the founders of the “Jewish Army” = armée juive, which fought against the Germans.
      Husband of Arianne Skriabin (killed 1944). Moved to Israel in 1949.
      ARC. 4º 1713 (L)

    Koebner, Richard (Breslau 1885 – Jerusalem 1958).
      Historian. Prof. at the Breslau University. Moved to E. Israel in 1934. Prof. of modern history at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1809 (L)

    Kolb, Leon (Chernowicz 1890 – San Francisco 1977).
      Prof. of Anthropology at Stanford University, physician and collector of art.
      ARC. 4º 1505 (L)

    Kon, Boris (1899 – Moscow 1953).
      Journalist, lived in Odessa. Worked with Russian author S.Y. Ilf and for “Trud” newspaper. Interviewed White Russian General Denikin.
      ARC. 4° 1841 (L)

    König, Leo (formerly Yaffe, Leib) (Odessa 1889 – Kibbutz Hazerim 1970).
      Yiddish literature and art critic, novelist and publicist. Moved to London in 1914 and to Israel in 1954.
      ARC. 4º 1269 (L)

    Kopstein, Simcha
      Dayan in Pest, Hungary.
      The archive contains approximately 200 letters to his son, Mordechai Kopstein, 1878-1895.
      Mainly in Hebrew, some in Yiddish and German.
      ARC. 4° 1782 (L)

    Korb, Haim Isaak (? 1872 – Jerusalem 1957).
      Rabbi in Ponevezh, Plungian and Zager, Lithuania. Moved to USA in 1922 and was rabbi in Chicago. Died in Jerusalem.
      ARC. 4º 913 (L)

    Kornhandler, Ezekiel (Warsaw 7.8.1899 – Paris 18.12.1984)
      Yiddish writer, who left Poland for political reasons and lived in Berlin and Paris. Worked in the tourist industry in Paris for fifty years.
      Remains of his archive, including letters and personal documents only.
      ARC. 4° 1837 (NL)

    Koteliansky, Samuel S. and Bella (? 1880 – London 1955).
      Translator from Russian to English and close friend of D.H. Lawrence.
      (Correspondence collection with writers passed on to the British Museum).
      ARC. 4º 758 (L) partial

    Kotliar, Joseph (Berdichev 1908 – Vilna 1962).
      Yiddish poet and teacher in the USSR.
      Archive only contains his poems.
      ARC. 4º 1799 (L)

    Kraus, Paul Eliezer (Prague 1904 – Cairo 1944).
      Orientalist and historian of science. Professor of Semitic languages at Cairo University.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 541 (NL)

    Kressel, Getzel (Zabolotov, Ukr. 1911 – Holon 1986).
      Bibliographer and Hebrew writer. Moved to E. Israel in 1930. Founder of “Genazim”.
      ARC. 4º 1412 Collection of autographs. (CC)
      ARC. 4º 1715 Letters from his estate. (L)

    Krolenbaum, Aharon (Warsaw 1908 – London 1987).
      Jewish apostate. Translated the New Testament from Greek to Yiddish. Moved to England in 1930 and learned in Bible school in Wales. Active in Mildmay Mission to the Jews in London. Esperantist and official translator for the UK government and the Palace, and editor of Yiddish manuscripts.
      ARC. 4º 1649 (NL)

    Kutner, Yosef. (1745 – 1829).

    Kutner, Aharon (son). (1794 – 1873).
      Rabbis of Tatis and Papa, Hungary.
      V. 272b (L)

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    Landau, Yehudah Leib (Zatozce, Galicia 1866 – Johannesburg 1942).
      South African Rabbi, poet and playwright. Active in Zionist movement.
      ARC. 4º 798 (L)

    Landauer, Gustav (Karlsruhe 1870 – Munich 1919).
      German-Jewish writer, philosopher and editor of Der Sozialist. Minister of public instruction in the Bavarian Soviet Republic in 1919 and murdered by counter-revolutionary soldiers.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 432 (L)

    Langer, Mordechai Jiri (Prague 1894 – Tel Aviv 1943).
      Poet and scholar of Kabbalah and Hasidism. Close friend of Kafka and Max Brod. Moved to E. Israel in 194- .
      ARC. 4º 1694 (L)

    Lamdan, Isaac (Ukraine 1899 - Israel 1954)

      Poet, translator and editor of the literary journal "Gilyonot".
      In the archive: letters written to him when he was editor of "Gilyonot". Photographs.
      ARC. 4º 1492 (NL)

    Lasker-Schüler, Else (Elberfeld, Germany 1869 – Jerusalem 1945).

      Jewish poet in German. The “high priestess of expressionism”. Moved to E. Israel in 1938.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 501 (CC)

    Laudermilk, W.K., see: Lowdermilk, Walter C.

    Lavi, Yohanan, see: Loewenson, Jean.

    Lazareff, Adolf.
      Jewish philosopher. Born in Russia, lived in Paris.
      ARC. 4º 1539 (L)

    Lazarus, Moritz (Wielen, Posen 1824 – Meran, Italy 1903).
      Jewish-German psychologist and philosopher. Rector of Berne University, Prof. at the University of Berlin, member of the Jewish community council in Berlin.
    Lazarus, Ruth Nahida (Berlin 1849 – Meran, Italy 1927).
      German playwright, novelist and journalist, (convert). Wife of Moritz.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 298 (L)

    Lehmann, Julius (Mainz 1866 – London 1943).
      German - Jewish journalist. Editor of Israelitisches Familienblatt, Hamburg.
      ARC. 4º 1776 (L)

    Leibowitz, Joshua O. (Vilna 1895 – Jerusalem 1993).
      Scholar of medical history. Moved to E. Israel in 1935. Prof. at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1804 (L)

    Leibowitz, Yeshayahu. (Riga 1903 – Jerusalem 1994).
      Scientist & intellectual. Professor of organic chemistry, biology, neurophysiology at Hebrew University. Chief editor of several volumes of Hebrew Encyclopedia. Author of books & essays on philosophy, religion and politics.
      Contents: Letters, clippings, drafts of academic articles, material on his academic career, writings by others with his notes towards his own works.
      ARC. 4º 1889 (NL)

    Levi, Shaul (Lyakhovichi, Belar. 1868 – Jerusalem 1935).
      Pioneer of business and commerce in E. Israel and one of the first builders of Tel Aviv. Moved to E. Israel in 1884.
      ARC. 4º 1680 (L)

    Levin, Meyer (Chicago 1905 – Jerusalem 1981).
      American-Jewish author, journalist, filmmaker. Moved to Israel in 1958.
      Archive comprises typed copies of his works with hand written comments.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 444 (L)

    Levin-Epstein, Eliahu Zeev Halevi (Vilkoviski, Lith. 1863 – Neuheim, Germany 1932).
      One of the founders of Rehovot. Zionist activist in USA.
      V. 703 (L)

    Levine, Gemma (London 1939 – ).
      One of Britain’s leading portrait photographers.
      Her photo archive from Israel 1975-1985.
      ARC. 4° 1816 (NL)

    Levinson, Benjamin (Jerusalem 1891 – 1962).
      Material from Benjamin Levinson’s Jerusalem advertising office, 1923-1947.
      ARC. 4º 1774 (NL)

    Levitats, Yitzhak.
      Material on history of Russian Jewry, on education, on history of US Jewry.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 693 (NL)

    Levy, Hans Yohanan (Berlin 1901 – Jerusalem 1945).
      Linguist and scholar of classical Greek civilization. Moved to E. Israel in 1933. Prof. at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 376 (L)

    Levy, Raphael.
      Philologist and scholar of medieval literature.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 436 (L)

    Lewis, Meir Harry.
      Poems, letters, postcards, travel diaries. Mostly in German.
      V. 1458 (NL)

    Lieben, Robert von (Vienna 1878 – 1913).
      Jewish scientist and inventor.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 644 (L)

    Liebermann, Haim (Pleshchenitsy, Belar. 1892 – New York 1991).
      Scholar of Hasidut. Secretary to the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Russia, Poland and USA and his librarian.
      ARC. 4º 1562 (L)

    Lifschitz - Golden, Manya (1896 – New York 1973/4?).
      Scholar of literature. Author of the book Les Juifs dans la Litterature Française du Moyen Age, NY, 1935.
      ARC. 4º 1509 (L)

    Lipmann, Otto (Breslau 1880 – Berlin 1933).
      Psychologist and expert in vocational guidance.
      ARC. 4º 1725 (L)

    Liptzin, Saul (Satanov 1901 – Jerusalem 2005).
      Literary scholar and educator. Moved to USA as a boy. Wrote on German, English and Yiddish literature.
      Hon. President of Jewish Book Council of America. Visiting Professor at Yeshiva University, Tel-Aviv University, the Technion and in Jerusalem after moving to Israel in 1962.
      ARC. 4° 1684 (L)

    Litvin, Mordechai (Lithuania 1903 – Paris 1993)
      Translator and theatre and literary critic. Translated from French, Russian and German.
      Most of the archive is in Yiddish, a little in French and Hebrew.
      Moved to Paris in 1944.
      ARC. 4° 1843 (NL)

    Loebel, Yehoshua, see: Arieli Yehoshua.

    Loew, Immanuel (Szeged, Hungary 1854 – 1944).
      Rabbi and scholar, son of Leopold. Represented the Neolog communities in the Hungarian parliament.
    Loew, Leopold (Czernahora, Moravia 1811 – Szeged, Hungary 1875).
      First reform Rabbi in Hungary. Editor of the German edition of the Hebrew weekly, “Ben Hananiah”.
       ARC. 4º 794 (L)

    Loewenson, Jean Hans (Lavi, Yohanan) (Toruń, Poland 1898 – Jerusalem 1966).
      Writer and journalist. Mainly wrote in French. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 363 (NL), partial card catalogue

    Löwenstein, Leopold (1843 Gailingen am Hochrhein - 1924 Mosbach)
      Rabbi and scholar of German-Jewish history, who published many articles on the early modern history of German Jewish communities.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 378 (L)

    Loutzky, Simon (Shmuel).
      Russian poet.
      ARC. 4º 1770 (L)

    Lowdermilk, Walter C. 1888 – 1974.
      American agronomist. Expert in land preservation and hydrology.
      Published research on water problems in Israel, research used in the national water enterprise.
      The archive consists of articles and research.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 456 (L)

    Lutski, Semion, see: Loutzky, Simon.

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    Maimon, Yaakov (Liban, Lat. 1902 – Jerusalem 1977).
      Stenographer for the Israeli government and other institutions. Active in the teaching of Hebrew to new immigrants in the early years of the State.
      ARC. 4º 1530 (L)

    Manger, Yitzchak (Czernowitz 1901 – Gedera 1969).
      Yiddish poet, dramatist and novelist. Moved to Israel in 1967.
      ARC. 4º 1357 (CC)

    Malach (formerly Zaltzman), Leib (Zwolen, Pol. 1894 – Paris 1936).
      Yiddish playwright, journalist, author and poet.
      ARC. 4º 1580 (L)

    Mann,Yaakov (Przemysl, Galicia 1888 – Cincinnati 1940).
      Scholar of the Genizah fragments. Author of book on Jews in Egypt and Eretz Israel under the Fatimids. Moved to London in 1908 and to USA in 1920.
      V. 2170 (L)

    Marciano, family (Debdou & Oujda, Morocco, end of 19th century – Jerusalem 1970s).
      ARC. 4º 1736 (L)

    Margolin, Shraga Feivel (1870 – 1942).
      Secretary of the board of the journal “HaZman” in Vilna.
      ARC. 4º 1195 (L)

    Masliansky, Zvi Hirsch (Slutsk, Belar. 1856 – New York 1943).
      One of the first Zionist activists in Russia. Hebrew teacher and famous Yiddish orator. Vice-president of the Zionist Organisation in USA.
      V. 1282 (L)

    Mayer, Eugen (Zweibruecken, Ger. 1882 – Jerusalem 1967).
      Poet and journalist in Israel (Jerusalem Post). Moved to E. Israel in 1933.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 407 (L)

    Mayer, Kurt Uriel.
      German Jewish poet. Born in Dusseldorf.
      ARC. 4º 1631 (NL)

    Mazal, Josef (Wizajny, Lith. 1850 – Manchester, UK 1912).
      Moved to UK in 1882. Published poems and stories in Hebrew. Active in Zionist movement in England.
      V. 508 (L)

    Meisel, Israel (1868 – Tel Aviv 1951).
      Active Zionist and community worker in Kiev. Moved to Tel Aviv in 1925. Member of the cemetery council, treasurer of the chevra kadisha and founder of the “Yavneh” synagogue in Tel Aviv. Father of Yiddish writer Nachman Meisel. Mainly letters to him.
      ARC. 4° 1827 (L)

    Meisel, Nachman (Near Kiev 1887 – New York 1966).
      Editor, author, literary critic and Yiddish historian. Moved to Israel in 1964. Part of his literary estate being arranged in the Dov Sadan Institute, Mount Scopus. Most of his estate is in the Institute for Diaspora Research at Tel Aviv University.
      ARC. 4° 1825 (NL)

    Mendele Mocher Sforim (Abramovitch, Shalom Yaakov) (Kopyl, Belar. 1835 – Odessa 1917).
      Material from the Mendele Project “Mifal Mendele”, established to publish his works.
      ARC. 4º 1723 (L)

    Merchavia, Chen Melech (Bialystok 1910 – Jerusalem 2003).
      Scholar, editor and publicist; active revisionist. Moved to Jerusalem in 1930.
      Secretary of the Hebrew High School in Jerusalem for 32 years.
      ARC. 4º 1812 (NL)

    Merchavia, Yerucham.
      Material on Bialystock, Jewish education, Lehi, Etzel. Father of Chen Melech.
      V. 1537 (L)

    Meron, Yaakov (1939 – 2008).
      Professor of Islamic law. Advisor to the Justice Department.
      The archive includes articles, correspondence…
      ARC. 4° 1822 (NL)

    Michaelis, Adolf Paul (Dolf) (Magdeburg, Ger. 1906 – Jerusalem 1981).
      Economist. Moved to E. Israel in 1938.
      Biographical material.
      ARC. 4º 1632 (L)

    Milavsky, Zvi (Slobodka, Lith. 1860 – Lodz, Pol. 1922).
      Yiddish writer. Stories in Hebrew and Yiddish.
      Autobiographical material.
      V. 1486 (L)

    Minkowsky, Hermann (Alexoten, Lith. 1864 – Göttingen, Ger. 1909).
      German Jewish mathematician.
      ARC. 4º 1712 (L)

    Mittwoch, Eugen (Schrimm, Pol. 1876 – London 1942).
      Orientalist. Professor of Semitic languages in Berlin. Moved to London in 1939.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 540 (L)

    Mohar, Meir (Rozbadov, Galicia 1888 – Tel Aviv 1968).
      Writer, poet, editor, translator and teacher.
      Served in the Austrian army in the First World War. Taught in Germany and Austria. Moved to E. Israel in 1939 and lived in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
      Father of the poet Yechiel Mar and grandfather of songwriter Eli Mohar.
      ARC. 4° 1851 (L)

    Montefiore, Moses (Leghorn, Italy 1784 – Ramsgate, UK 1885) and Judith.
      English Jew, who was a benefactor of Jews all over the world.
      ARC. 4º 1746 (L)
      V. 2717 (L) Letters to his secretary during the Montefiores’ visit to eastern Europe in 1845.

    Mordvinova-Schwarz, Vera, see: Schwarz, Vera

    Motzkin, Arie Leo (Jerusalem 1934 – 2006).
      Prof. of Humanities at the Hebrew University, Haifa University and various universities in USA.
      ARC. 4° 1814 (NL)

    Müller, Ernst (Misslitz 1880 – London 1954)
      Teacher, librarian, writer and journalist. Emigrated to England in 1939. Researched kabbalah and published a book "The Zohar" in 1932. Translated Bialik and Ahad HaAm into German.
      Archive includes: manuscripts and his published articles and poems.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 562 (L)

    Munk, Georg (Pseudonym of Paula Buber). (Munich 1877 – Jerusalem 1958).
      Author, wife of Martin Buber.
      ARC. 4º 1689 (L)

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    Nacht, Zvi Yaakov (Iasi, Romania 1873 – Tel Aviv 1959).
      Scholar of Jewish folklore. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      ARC. 4º 1464 (NL)

    Nadel, Arno (Vilna, Lith. 1878 – Auschwitz 1943).
      Jewish poet, musician and artist. Moved to Berlin in 1895.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 469 (L)

    Nadir, Moshe (Pseudonym of Yitzhak Reiss). (Narayev, Ukr. 1885 – Woodstock, NY 1943).
      Yiddish poet and author. Moved to NY in 1898.
      ARC. 4º 1523 (L)

    Nathan, Otto (Bingen, Ger. 1893 – New York 1987).
      Einstein’s lawyer and executor of his will. Economist. Moved to USA in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1706 (NL)

    Navon, Arie (Ukr. 1909 – Tel Aviv 1996).
      Caricaturist. Moved to E. Israel in 1919.
      ARC. 4º 1697 (L)

    Neher, André (Obernai, France 1914 – Jerusalem 1988).
      Rabbi, scholar, author, teacher and philosopher. Prof. at universities of Strasbourg and Tel Aviv. Moved to Israel in 1970.
    Neher-Bernheim, Renee (Paris 1922 – Jerusalem 2005).
      Educator, scholar and historian. Lecturer at the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School.
      Archive does not include correspondence.
      ARC. 4º 1823 (L)

    Neubauer, Adolf (Abraham) (Baia Mare, Romania 1839 – London 1907).
      Jewish orientalist and scholar. Moved to UK in 1864.
      ARC. 4º 1595 (L)

    Neumann, Dov (Dukstas, Lith. 1919 – Israel c. 1990).
      Yiddish poet. Moved to Israel in 1948.
      ARC. 4º 1688 (NL)

    Newton, Sir Isaac (Woolsthorpe, UK 1642 – London 1727).
      English scientist. One of the greatest scientists of all times.
      Only manuscripts of his theological works.
      Yah. Ms. Var. 1 (L)

    Noah, Mordechai E. (Philadelphia 1785 – New York 1851).
      Jewish journalist and statesman.
      V. 2718 (L)

    Novograbelski, see: Harussi.

    Novomeiskii, Moshe (1961-1876)

      Initiator and founder of the Dead Sea Works. Born in Siberia.
      ARC. 4º 1614 (TL)

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    Olitzki, Leib (Turigsk, Pol. 1894 – Givatayim 1975).
      Yiddish writer and poet. Moved to Israel in 1959.
      ARC. 4º 1449 (L)

    Ollendorf, Franz Heinrich.
      Born in Germany and moved to Jerusalem.
      Documented history of nineteenth century buildings in Jerusalem.
      ARC. 4º 1724 (L)

    Oppenheim, Moritz (Hannover 1799 – Frankfurt am Main 1882).
      German Jewish artist.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 388 (L)

    Opatoshu, Joseph (Poland 1887 – New York 1954).
      Joseph Opatoshu collection. Yiddish writer and journalist.
      Creator of collection: Ivan Joseph of Buenos Aires.
      The collection contains: correspondence, photographs, newspaper cuttings.
      ARC. 4° 1890 (L)

    Osofsky, S., see: Assaf, Simha.

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    Papiernikov, Josef (Warsaw 1897/9 – Tel Aviv 1993).
      Yiddish poet and writer. Moved to Israel in 1924, but returned to Warsaw between 1929-1933.
      Remnants of his literary estate.
      ARC. 4º 1792 (L)

    Pardo, David Shmuel (Ragusa 1792 – Verona 1858).
      Chief Rabbi of Verona.
      ARC. 4º 360 (L)

    Peri, Hiram (Pflaum, Heinz) (Berlin 1900 – Jerusalem 1962).
      Prof. of Romance languages and the history of the Renaissance at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1925.
      ARC. 4º 1640 (NL)

    Perl, Josef (Tarnopol 1773 – 1839).
      One of the pioneers of the Haskalah in Galicia. Author of satirical work against Hasidut. Established in Tarnopol the first modern Jewish school in Galicia.
      ARC. 4º 1153 (L)

    Perles, Joseph (Baja, Hungary 1835 – Munich 1894).
      Rabbi of Munich and scholar of Jewish studies.
      ARC. 4º 1650 (L)

    Ptaschkina, Neli.
      Russian literary material, diaries, correspondence.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 586 (NL)

    Philippson, Ludwig (Dessau 1811 – Bonn 1889).
      Rabbi and preacher of the Jewish community of Magdeburg, author and editor of the Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums.

    Philippson, Martin
    (Magdeburg 1846 – Berlin 1916).
      Son of Ludwig. Historian.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 460 (L)

    Pilowski, Avraham Yaakov (Kolelishok nr. Vilna 1898 – Bat Yam 1969).
      Yiddish writer and journalist. Moved to Argentina in 1924 and to Israel in 1963.
      ARC. 4º 1405 (CC)

    Pinsky, Shamai (Kiev 1882 – Jerusalem 1941).
      Poet, journalist, Zionist activist. Active in London and Romania. Moved to Jerusalem in 1939.
      ARC. 4º 1798 (NL)

    Pisarevsky, Yeshayahu (Konotop, Ukraine 1889 – Tel Aviv 1974).
      Zionist leader, educator and publisher. In 1923 he founded a Hebrew publishing house in Berlin, named "Et Livnot". He immigrated to Palestine in 1932.
      The collection consists of manuscripts that were later published by Pisarevsky.
      ARC. 4º 1638 (L)

    Plessner, Martin Meir (Breslau 1900 – Jerusalem 1973).
      Orientalist. Professor at the Hebrew University. Moved to Jerusalem in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1593 (NL)

    Polak, Eliezer.
      Rabbi in Budapest.
      ARC. 4º 1620 (L)

    Polak, Yaakov (Bohemia 1820 – Vienna 1891).
      Jewish physician and writer. Prof. of anatomy at Teheran University. Court doctor of Shah Nasr al - Din.
      ARC. 4º 1597 (L)

    Popper, Josef Lynkeus (Kolin, Bohemia 1838 – Vienna 1921).
      Jewish social philosopher, engineer and inventor.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 303 (L)

    Porat, Elisha (Ein HaHoresh 1938 – ).
      Poet, author and essayist. Lives in Ein HaHoresh. His parents were among the founders of the kibbutz.
      Received the Prime Minister’s award for Hebrew authors in 5756.
      ARC. 4° 1857 (NL)

    Poznansky, Samuel Abraham (Lubraniec, Pol. 1864 – Warsaw 1921).
      Rabbi of Tlumacki Synagogue in Warsaw, scholar in various Jewish fields and active in the Zionist movement in Poland.
      ARC. 4º 1180 (L)

    Prager, Joseph (Kassel, Ger. 1885 – Haifa 1982).
      Psychiatrist. Friend of Franz Rosenzweig. Moved to E. Israel in 1932.
      ARC. 4º 1584 (L)

    Prato, Jonathan (Florence 1913 – Jerusalem 2006).
      Lawyer and diplomat. Israeli ambassador to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras, 1969-1973. Director of the Church Relations Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1973-1978.
      Archive comprises mainly diplomatic material.
      ARC. 4º 1824 (L).

    Preuss, Julius (Gross-Schoenbeck 1861 – Berlin 1913).
      Doctor and scholar of Jewish medicine and medical issues in the Bible and the Talmud.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 443 (L)

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    Raas, Emil (Bern 1910 –1993).
      Swiss lawyer in Bern, Switzerland, who was a friend of Else Lasker-Schüler and gave her support and assistance.
      The archive contains: Correspondence between Else Lasker-Schüler and Emil Raas during the years 1933-1941. There are 268 letters from Lasker-Schüler, including postcards and letter fragments, a few of her poems, articles about her and 88 letters from Emil Raas to Lasker-Schüler (most of them typewritten copies, some drafts in his handwriting and photocopies).
      ARC. 4º 1821 (L).

    Rabinowitz, Haim Mordechai, see: Ben-Ammi, Haim Mordechai.

    Rabinowitz, Michl Isaak (Mir 1879 – Jerusalem 1948).
      Scholar, author, publisher and bookseller of books on Jewish studies. Moved to Jerusalem in 1925.
      Remnants of his literary estate.
      ARC. 4º 1607 (L)

    Raccah, Giulio Joel (Florence 1909 – 1965).
      Head of Dept. of Theoretical Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Recipient of the Israel Prize in 1958. Moved to E. Israel in 1939.
      ARC. 4º 1769 (L)
    Raccah, family (Tripoli, Libya second half of 19th century – first half of 20th century).
      Letters, documents and photographs relating to the activities of Zion Haim, Gavriel and Yaakov Raccah, public figures in the Jewish community of Tripoli.
      V. 542 (L)

    Rachel. Full name: Felix, Elisa Rachel (Switzerland 1821 – Paris 1858).
      Jewish actress. Acted in Comedie Française.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 329 (L)

    Rappoport, O. (Yehoshua) (Bialystock 1895 – Melbourne 1972).
      Jewish literary critic, translator and publicist. Moved to Australia in 1946.
      ARC. 4º 1410 (L)

    Rath, Meshulam (Horoskow 1875 – Jerusalem 1963).
      Talmudist and rabbinic authority. Zionist educator. Moved to Jerusalem in 1944.
      Hebrew and Yiddish letters.
      ARC. 4º 1745 (L)

    Ratner, Yohanan (Odessa 1891 – Haifa 1965).
      Architect and Haganah commander. Moved to E. Israel in 1923.
      The archive comprises photocopies of his diaries.
      V. 1370 (L)

    Ravich, Melech (Bergner, Zecharia Hone) (Radymno, Galicia 1893 – Montreal 1976).
      Yiddish writer, poet and journalist.
      ARC. 4º 1540 (CC) & (L)

    Ravnitzky, Yehoshua Hone (Odessa 1859 – Tel Aviv 1944).
      Active in Hibat Zion movement. Hebrew and Yiddish writer.
      Editor of “Pardes”. After coming to E. Israel in 1921 he was one of the founders of the “Dvir” publishing house. Edited and published Sefer HaAgada with Bialik.
      ARC. 4º 1185 (L)

    Razieli - Rosenthal, Moshe (Suvalki 1892 – Jerusalem 1971).
      Writer and poet in Yiddish, Russian and Hebrew.
      ARC. 4º 1739 (L)

    Rein, Avraham (1913-1997)

      Agudat Israel member of Petach Tikvah's local council.
      The archive includes lists, newspaper cuttings, letters, personal documents and documents relating to his work during his term of office in Petach Tikvah.
      ARC. 4° 1641 (NL)

    Reiss, Yitzhak, see: Nadir, Moshe.

    Relgis (Siegler), Eugen (Jassy 1895 – Montevideo 1987).

      Jewish Romanian author and journalist. Humanist and pacifist. Moved to Montevideo in 1947.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 563 (L)

    Rivkind, Yitzhak (Lodz, Pol. 1895 – New York 1968).
      Publicist. Published articles and research in various fields of Judaism in Hebrew and Yiddish. Moved to USA in 1920. Active in Mizrahi movement.
      ARC. 4º 1281/B (L)

    Rivlin, Eliezer (Jerusalem 1889 – 1942).
      Scholar of the history of the Jewish Yishuv in Jerusalem and journalist.
      ARC. 4º 1667 (NL)

    Robinson, Avraham (Waldenburg 1918 – New Haven 1974).
      Mathematician and professor at Yale.
      ARC. 4º 1555 (L)

    Robinson, Jacob (Serijai, Lith. 1889 – New York? 1977).
      Jurist, diplomat and historian. Member of Lithuanian parliament. Legal adviser to Jewish Agency and later to Israel mission to UN.
      Adviser to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. Leading authority in the field of Holocaust research activities and publications. Moved to USA in 1940.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 435 (L)

    Rosen, Lia (Braila, Bukowina 1893 – Tel Aviv? 1973).
      Actress. Appeared in Vienna and Berlin. Moved to E. Israel in 1928.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 465 (L)

    Rosenfeld, Shalom (Poland 1914 – Israel 2008).
      Publicist, journalist, author and editor. One of the founders of Maariv in 1948, where he was a reporter and an editor. Also a reporter for Yiddish and Polish newspapers.
      Founded journalist studies course in Tel Aviv university and the Institute for Research into Jewish Media and Newspapers in the world.
      Recipient of Sokolov prize for journalism and the Israel Prize for journalism (1986).
      The archive comprises correspondence and letters from and to Maariv in Tel Aviv, copies of cuttings on the history of Maariv, documents and pictures.
      ARC. 4° 1854 (NL)

    Rozmarin, Aharon (Ustilug, Ukr. 1896 – Ramat-Gan 1977).
      Yiddish writer and publicist in USA and Israel on historical and Jewish subjects. Moved to Israel in 1971.
      ARC. 4º 1726 (NL)

    Roth, Leon (London 1896 – Wellington, NZ 1963).
      Professor of philosophy in England and later at the Hebrew University from 1927-1951.
      ARC. 4º 1659 (NL)
    Rutenberg, Pinhas. (Ukraine 1879 – Palestine 1942).
      Russian revolutionist; engineer; founder of "The Palestine Electricity Corporation" (The Israel Electric Corporation); zionist leader.
      The collection consists of personal documents, correspondence and photographs, as well as some documents of Michael Pollak.
      ARC. 4º 1868 (NL)

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    S. Izhar, see: Smilansky, Izhar.

    Sachs, Schneur (Kovno 1815 – Paris 1892).
      Scholar of medieval Hebrew literature.
      ARC. 4º 1635 (L)

    Sackler, Harry (Bogorodychyn, Ukr. 1883 – New York 1974).
      Attorney and writer in Hebrew, English and Yiddish. Moved to USA in 1902 and active in Jewish life there.
      The archive contains manuscripts and articles.
      ARC. 4º 1435 (L)

    Sadan (Stock), Dov (Brody 1902 – Jerusalem 1989).
      Writer, scholar of literature. Publicist, editor and translator. Moved to E. Israel in 1925. Prof. of Yiddish literature at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1072 (CC)

    Safriel, Yeshayahu, see: Pisarevsky, Yeshayahu.

    Salant, Shmuel (nr. Bialystock 1815 – Jerusalem 1909).
      Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, leader of the old yishuv. Moved to Jerusalem in 1840.
      Letters to him.
      ARC. 4º 1359 (L)

    Salkind, Yaakov Meir (Kobrin, Russ. 1875 – London? 1937).
      Anarchist. Scholar of Talmud and Judaism. Published in several languages.
      ARC. 4º 1493 (L)

    Samburski, Samuel (Königsberg 1900 – Jerusalem 1990).
      Professor of physics at the Hebrew University. Moved to E. Israel in 1924.
      ARC. 4º 1665 (L)

    Samech, Izhar, see: Smilansky, Izhar.

    Samonov, Yitzhak
      Yitzhak Samonov was a lawyer. Born in Latvia, he moved to Jerusalem in the 1930s.
      The collection contains a some correspondence, legal files and documents.
      ARC. 4° 1624 (NL)

    Sasson, David Solomon and family.

      Administrative archive of the wider family.
      ARC. 4° 1790 (archive being arranged).

    Sassoon family from Bombay.
      Letters, documents and various works.
      ARC. 4° 1358 (NL)

    Schapira, Hermann Zvi (Erzvilkas, Lith. 1840 – Heidelberg? 1898).
      Rabbi and professor of mathematics. Conceived the idea of establishing the Jewish National Fund and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
      V. 1062 (L)

    Schatz-Anin, Max (Schatz, Max Uriah Z.) (Jaunjelgava, Lat. 1885 – Riga 1975).
      Jewish left - wing socialist, who believed in a territorial solution for the Jewish people. Published a lot on politics and literature, mainly in Yiddish, some in Russian, German and Latvian.
      The archive mainly comprises material about Schatz-Anin in Russian.
      ARC. 4º 1696 (NL)

    Schecharia (Schwartz), Shmuel (Suwalki, Pol. 1909 – Jerusalem 1978).
      Journalist. Wrote in Yiddish in Israel and abroad. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      ARC. 4º 1615 (NL)

    Scheinboim, Eliezer Yitzhak, see: Ilannae.

    Scheinfeld, Salomon Isaac (Scaudvil, Lith. 1860 – Milwaukee 1943).
      Orthodox rabbi and writer, active in the Jewish community in USA.
      V. 2729 (L)

    Scheinhaus, Arie Leon (1865 – 1935).
      Hebrew and German writer. Zionist community worker. Lived in Memel, Galicia.
      The archive only contains letters written to him.
      V. 1056 (L)

    Scherlag, Mark (Khorostkov, Ukr. 1878 – Israel 1962).
      Jewish poet, journalist and active Zionist. Lived in Vienna and moved to E. Israel in 1939. Wrote in Hebrew, German and Polish.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 438 (L)

    Schirmann, Jefim (Kiev 1904 – Jerusalem 1981)

      Professor of medieval Hebrew literature.
      Remains of his archive including some printed material.
      ARC. 4° 1709 (NL)

    Schlesinger, Akiva Joseph (Pressburg 1838 - Jerusalem 1922).
      Rabbi Schlesinger was born in Bratislava and was a pupil of the Chatam Sofer. He moved to E. Israel in 1870 and founded many societies, for example "The Society for the Restoration of Things to Their Former Glory". Rabbi Schlesinger was a critic of the lifestyle of the kollel students and in 1878 he joined the founders of Petach Tikva.
      The archive contains: letters sent to him after he moved to E. Israel, handwritten drafts of replies to letters, other documents.
      ARC. 4° 1878 (L)

    Schlossberg, Joseph (Dzerzhinsk, Belar. 1875 – New York 1971).
      Trade union leader in USA and journalist.
      V. 2714 (L)

    Schlössinger, Max (Heidelberg 1877 – New York 1944).
      Scholar and Zionist worker in USA and Holland. Close friend of Magnes. During his time in E. Israel (1915-1939) he was active within the framework of the Hebrew University.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 524 (L)

    Schmelz, Oskar Uziel (1918 –1995).
      Prof. of statistics and Jewish demography at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4° 1850 (L)

    Schneerson, Levi Isaac (Toropets, Rus. 1888 – Hadera 194– ).
      Among first members of NILI, the underground movement in E. Israel during WWI. Moved to E. Israel in 1904, studied in Russia 1906 - 1910. 1917 in British intelligence. Active in organizing the security of the Jewish Yishuv.
      ARC. 4º 1504 (NL)

    Schneider, Moshe Joseph.
      Yiddish author and scholar of folklore in Chernovtsy (Chernovitz), Ukr.
      ARC. 4º 1551 (NL)

    Scholem, Gershom Gerhard (Berlin 1897 – Jerusalem 1982).
      Scholar and leading authority in the field of kabbalah and Jewish mysticism. Moved to E. Israel in 1923. Librarian at the university library and Prof. at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1599 (L)

    Schor, Yehoshua (Moscow? 1891 – Holon? 1974).
      Musician, musicologist and active in musical education. Son of Prof. David Schor. Moved to E. Israel in 1927.
      ARC. 4º 1521 (L)

    Schreiner, Martin (Oradea, Romania 1863 – Berlin? 1926).
      Rabbi and researcher of the history of Judaism and Islam in the Middle Ages.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 347 (L)

    Schwab, Leib (Kromenau, Moravia 1794 – Pest 1857).
      Chief Rabbi of Pest, Hungary from 1836.
      ARC. 4º 1619 (L)

    Schwabe, Moshe (Max) (1889-1956)
      Philologist and researcher of Greek and Roman inscriptions. Served as President of the Hebrew University in the 1930s.
      The archive contains correspondence, various lists including a bibliography, drafts of deciphered inscriptions from Caesarea and Tiberias, and offprints.
      ARC. 4° 1902 (TL)

    Schwadron (Sharon), Avraham (Zolochev, Ukr. 1878 – Jerusalem 1957).

      Hebrew writer. Collector of Jewish autographs and portraits that he bequeathed to the JNUL. Scholar of folklore. Radical Zionist.
      ARC. 4º 1215 (L)

    Schwager, Lipa (Vienna 1882 – Tel Aviv 1961)

      Rabbi Eliezer Lipa Schwager owned a bookshop in Vienna. He moved to E. Israel in 1933 and also sold books in Tel Aviv.
      The collection contains personal documents and business letters.
      V. 2738 (NL)

    Schwarz, Karl Israel (Munich 1885 – Tel Aviv 1962).
      Scholar and critic of art. Director of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Moved to E. Israel in 1933. Director of Tel Aviv Museum.
      ARC. 4º 1623 (L)

    Schwarz, Tzvi (and Leah)
      Writer and editor of the literary monthly journal "Schriften" in Argentina.
      The archive contains articles, letters from various Yiddish writers, newspaper cuttings.
      ARC. 4° 1471 (NL)

    Schwarz, Vera (1895 – 1966).
      Russian author, who lived in New York. Includes articles on and poems by Pasternak.
      V. 2736 (L)

    Schwarz, Vera Mordvinova, see: Schwarz, Vera

      Romanian family. Material from Elias Schwarzfeld, Benjamin Schwarzfeld and M. Schwarzfeld.
      ARC. 4º 1411 (L)

    Segal, Moshe Zvi (Mosedis, Lith. 1876 – Jerusalem 1968).
      Rabbi in England and bible scholar at Oxford University. Moved to E. Israel in 1926. Prof. of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Recipient of the Israel Prize in 1954.
      ARC. 4º 1183 (L)

    Segal-Rosenbach, Moshe.
      Hazan and singer. Performed songs that he translated from Hebrew to Yiddish.
      ARC. 4º 1625 (NL)

    Segalowitch, Yaakov Meir.
      Rabbi of communities in Russia, Danzig, Brussels and New York.
      ARC. 4º 1571 (NL)

    Seligmann, Rafael (Minsk, Belar. 1875 – Tel Aviv 1943).
      Philosopher and essayist. Moved to E. Israel in 1934. Published articles in newspapers in E. Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1582 (NL)

    Sermoneta, Joseph Baruch (Rome 1924 – Jerusalem 1992).
      Founder of the faculty for Italian language and literature at the Hebrew University and a lecturer therein;
      head of the institute for languages and literatures and lecturer in the faculty of Jewish philosophy.
      ARC. 4° 1860 (NL)

    Sfard, David and Regina (Trisk 1905 – Jerusalem 1981).
      Yiddish writer, journalist and cultural activist. Lived in Warsaw.
      Contributed to a Yiddish periodical until 1939. In 1941 he escaped to Russian-controlled Bialistock. Returned to Poland in 1946, active in Jewish cultural life, especially as editor of “Yiddisher Buch”. Moved to Israel in 1969.
      ARC. 4° 1856 (NL)

    Shador, Judith (Seymour, Wisconsin 1928 – ).
      Artist specialising in paper cuts. Moved to Israel in 1950.
      Spent much time abroad due to husband’s work. Lives in Jerusalem.
      ARC. 4° 1811 (NL)

    Shafran, David (1910 – ? ).
      Rabbi and doctor of philosophy. Active Zionist in Romania. Active member of Mizrahi.
      ARC. 4º 1608 (L)

    Shaked, Gershon (Vienna 1929 – ).
      Professor of Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Essayist and author. Moved to E. Israel in 1939.
      ARC. 4º 1670. (L)

    Shalev, Meir (Nahalal 1948 – ).
      Author and essayist. Son of author Yitzchak Shalev.
      ARC. 4° 1828. (NL)

    Sholem Aleykhem (Ukraine 1859 – New York 1916)

      Pseudonym of Shalom Rabinovich, one of the most important Yiddish writers of the Haskalah movement.
      The collection contains copies of letters to and from Sholem Aleykhem. The original letters are in Sholem Aleyhkem House.
      ARC. 4° 1481 (L)

    Shaltiel, family.
      Collection of photocopied documents, newspaper cuttings and tapes about the history of the family since 1062.
      ARC. 4° 1818 (NL)

    Shapira, Eliezer Dov (Safed 1880 – Jerusalem 1967).
      Scholar of semitic philology, biblical and medieval poetry. Moved to Jerusalem in 1947.
      ARC. 4º 1678 (NL)

    Shazar (Rubashov), Shneur Zalman (Mir, Belar. 1889 – Jerusalem 1974).
      Scholar, writer, journalist and third president of the State of Israel. Only material concerning his research on Sabbateanism.
      ARC. 4º 1796 (L)

    Shmeruk, Chone (Warsaw 1921 – 1997).
      Scholar of Yiddish literature and culture. Member of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Prof. of Yiddish literature at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4° 1791 (NL)

    Shneur, Zalman Zalkind (Shklov, Belar. 1886 – New York 1959).
      Poet and writer in Hebrew and Yiddish.
      ARC. 4º 1402 (L)

    Shulsinger, Shmuel (Jerusalem 1908 – 1997).
      With brother, Michel, owner of printing and publishing house in New York: the Shulsinger Brothers. Moved to USA in 1928 and back to Israel in 1968.
      ARC. 4º 1535 (NL)

    Sielberner, Edmund (Borislav, Ukr. 1910 – Jerusalem 1985).
      Historian and economist. Professor at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1629 (L)

    Silberschlag, Eisig (Stryy, Ukr. 1903 – Austin, Texas 1988).
      Poet, author and scholar of Hebrew and general literature at the Hebrew Teachers College in Boston and the University of Texas in Austin. Moved to USA in 1920. Wrote in Hebrew and Polish.
      ARC. 4º 1470 (NL)

    Silk, Dennis (London 1928 – Jerusalem 1998)
      Poet, playwright, editor and translator. The archive contains manuscripts and books.
      ARC. 4° 1747 (NL)

    Simchoni, Ya'akov Naftali Herz (Poland 1884-1926)
      Expert in history and the middle east and instructor of Jewish studies. Member of the editorial board of the Jewish Encyclopedia in Berlin and author of scholarly publications in Jewish history.
      The collection includes: drafts of articles and chapters of books, copies of texts in Hebrew and Russian, correspondence.
      ARC. 4° 933 (NL)

    Simon, Ernst Akiva (Berlin 1899 – Jerusalem 1988).
      Educator, religious thinker and writer. Moved to Israel in 1928. Professor at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1751 (L)

    Singer, Miriam (Irma) (Prague 1898 – Degania Alef 1987).
      Journalist and writer in German. Moved to Degania Alef in 1920. Married to Yaakov Berkowitz.
      ARC. 4º 1668 (L)

    Smilansky, Izhar (S. Izhar, Samech, Izhar) (Rehovot 1916 – ).
      Israeli writer and educator, member of the Knesset 1949-1967.
      ARC. 4º 1777 (Archive being arranged)

    Smilansky, Zeev (Tilipino 1873 – Rehovot 1944).
      Journalist and statistician. One of the editors of “HaPoel HaTzair” (1891-1895). Moved to E. Israel in 1903. Head of the statistics department in Tel Aviv’s city council. Father of S. Itzhar and brother of Moshe Smilansky.
      ARC. 4º 1778 (NL)

    Smolenskin, Perez (Monastyrshcina, Belar. 1840 – Miran, northern Tirol 1885).
      Hebrew novelist, editor and publicist. In Vienna since 1868. Founder and editor of the journal “HaShachar”.
      ARC. 4º 1528 (L)

    Sommer, Ernst (Jihlava (Iglan), Cz. 1888 – London 1955).
      Novelist, journalist and lawyer. Wrote in German. Moved to London in 1938.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 394 (L)

    Sonne, Yeshayahu (Mostishche, Ukr 1887 – Cincinnati 1960).
      Philosopher and scholar of Jewish history. Taught in the Rabbinical college in Florence, then became Director of the Rabbinical college on Rhodes. Moved to USA in 1940. Teacher of medieval literature and Jewish history at Hebrew Union College.
      ARC. 4º 796 (L) partial

    Spahn, Shlomo (Yarmolintsy, Ukr. 1898 – Tel Aviv 1962).
      Poet, author, scholar and essayist. Moved to E. Israel in 1923.
      ARC. 4º 1556 (L)

    Sperber, Alexander (Czernowitz 1897 – Jerusalem 1970)

      Scholar of early versions of the Bible, the Aramaic Targums and pre-Massoretic biblical grammar.
      The archive contains: material relating to his work on the Aramaic Targums of the Bible The Bible in Aramaic, based on old manuscripts and printed texts which was published by Brill in Leiden (1959-1962).
      ARC. 4º 1780 (NL)

    Spiegel, Nathan (New York 1905 – Jerusalem 1995).

      Scholar of classical civilization and professor at the Hebrew University. At the age of 8 months his parents returned to Rohatyn, Poland. Moved to Israel in 1956 after academic career in Poland. Recipient of the Israel Prize in 1990.
      ARC. 4º 1721 (L)

    Spiegel, Yeshayahu (Lodz 1906 – Givatayim 1990).
      Yiddish author, poet and essayist. Moved to Israel in 1951.
      ARC. 4º 1564 (L)

    Spies, Gerty (Trier 1897 – Munich 1997).
      German Jewish author, survivor of Theresienstadt.
      Material is mainly family correspondence. Accessible to public.
      V. 3152 (L)

    Spiwak (Spiwakowsky), Haim (Kremenchug, Ukr. 1861 – Denver, CO. 1927).
      Moved to USA in 1882. Physician. After WWI sent by the Joint Distribution Committee to East European countries to check the sanitation among the Jews of those countries.
      V. 384 (L)

    Srebrek, Shlomo (Postov, Lith. 1866 – Tel Aviv 1944).
      Publisher in Vilna, Warsaw and Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1403 (NL)

    Stainbarg, Eliezer (Lipkany, Bessarabia 1880 – Czernowitz 1932).
      Educator and writer of fables and short stories. Wrote mainly in Yiddish. Works translated into Hebrew, German, French, Hungarian, Polish and English. Moved to Czernowitz in 1920, but lived in Rio de Janeiro between 1928-1930.
      ARC. 4º 1425 (L)

    Steinheim, Solomon Ludwig (Bruchhausen, Westphalia 1789 – Rome 1866).
      German poet and religious philosopher, qualified as a physician at Kiel.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 399 (L)

    Steinitz, Heinz (Breslau 1909 – Jerusalem 1971).
      Professor of Zoology at the Hebrew University. Specialised in marine zoology and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Eilat is named after him. Moved to E. Israel in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1626 (NL)

    Steinschneider, Kitty (Königsberg 1905 – Jerusalem 2002).
      Member of the well-known German Jewish Marx family. Received her doctorate from Heidelberg at the end of the 1920s. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      Letters written to her.
      ARC. 4° 1832 (L)

    Steinthal, Hermann Heiman (Berlin 1823 – 1899).
      Jewish scholar of Judaism, philosophy of nations and philologist.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 283 (L)

    Stern, Erich (Berlin 1889 – Zurich 1959).
      Pyschologist, physician and educator.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 567 (NL)

    Stern, Gerson (Holzminden, Ger. 1874 – Jerusalem 1956).
      Jewish German poet and author. Moved to E. Israel in 1939.
    Stern, Joel (Kiedrich, Ger. 1920 – Jerusalem 1948). Gershon’s son, a poet.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 405 (L)

    Stern, Moritz (Steinbach, Ger. 1864 – Berlin 1939).
      Rabbi, librarian and historian in Kiel and Fürth.
      ARC. 4º 1568 (L)

    Stern, Moritz Abraham (Frankfurt 1807 – Göttingen (?)1894).
      German Jewish mathematician at the University of Göttingen. The first Jewish professor appointed in Germany.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 167 (L)

    Stern, Samuel Miklos (Tab, Hungary 1920 – Oxford 1969)
      Orientalist. Archive comprises manuscripts and research material.
      ARC. 4° 1656 (NL)

    Stern, William (Berlin 1871 – Durham, USA 1938).
      German Jewish philosopher and child psychologist. Moved to USA in 1934.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 431 (L)

    Stiassny, Wilhelm (Pressburg (=Bratislava) 1842 – Bad Ischl, Austria 1910).
      Famous Jewish architect in Vienna.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 466 (L)

    Strauss, Arie Ludwig (Aachen 1892 – Jerusalem 1953).
      Poet who wrote in German and Hebrew. Scholar of literature, essayist and children’s author. Moved to E. Israel in 1935.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 424 (L)

    Strauss, Georg (Berlin 1896 – Givatayim 1975).
      German Jewish author. Moved to E. Israel in 1938.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 564 (L)

    Strigler, Mordechai (Zamosc, Poland 1918 – New York 1998).
      Bilingual poet and writer (Yiddish and Hebrew), publicist and editor.
      Survivor of concentration and death camps. Moved to Paris in 1946 and to New York in 1953.
      Editor of the Yiddish language paper “Forward” from 1987. Recipient of Itzik Manger prize for Yiddish literature in 1978.
      ARC. 4° 1852 (L)

    Sturmann, Manfred (Königsberg 1903 – Jerusalem 1989).
      Poet and writer in German. Moved to E. Israel in 1938.
      ARC. 4º 1578 (L)

    Stutz, Ulrich (1868-1938).
      Professor of law at the Friedrich Wilhelm University, Berlin.
      The collection contains: manuscripts on German law and church law, correspondence and a collection of fifteen broadsides relating to the church in southern Germany (Freiburg, Baden) from the 1840s and 1850s.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 699 (L)

    Sutzkever, Avraham (Smargon, Belar. 1913 – Tel Aviv 2010).
      Yiddish author and poet. Educated in Vilna. Escaped from the Vilna ghetto and joined the partisans. Witness at the Nuremberg Trials. Moved to E. Israel in 1947. Editor of “Di Goldene Keyt”.
      ARC. 4º 1565 (CC)

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    Tadmor, Haim (China 1923 – Jerusalem 2005).
      Assyriologist. Moved to E. Israel in 1935.
      Founded the Department of Assyriology at the Hebrew University in 1958 and worked in this field for 35 years. Elected fellow of the Israel Academy of Sciences in 1985.
      ARC. 4° 1848 (NL)

    Talmon, Jacob Leib (1916-1980)
      Historian and professor of modern history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in the period of the French Revolution.
      The collection consists mainly of offprints arranged according to subject, some preparatory material for lectures and articles and student papers.
      ARC. 4° 1901 (TL)

    Tauber, Gerald E. (Vienna 1922 – Tel Aviv 1989).

      Professor of physics at Tel Aviv University. Moved to Israel in 1965.
      ARC. 4º 1675 (NL) Kept in the Einstein library.

    Thieberger, Friedrich (Bohemia 1888 – Jerusalem 1958).
      Jewish writer and translator. Kafka’s Hebrew teacher. Moved to E. Israel in 1939.
      ARC. 4º 1653 (L)

    Thieme, Karl (Leipzig 1902 – Lörrach, Switz. 1963).
      Non-Jewish German historian and theologian. Active anti-Nazi. Fled to Switzerland in 1935.
      ARC. 4º 1546 (L)

    Tidhar, David (Jaffa 1897 – Tel Aviv 1970).
      Israeli author, private investigator and police officer. Compiler of the “Enziklopedia le-Halutzei ha-Yishuv u-Vonav” a Who’s Who of E. Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1489 (CC)

    Tishby, Peretz (Transylvania 1914 – Jerusalem 2001).
      Head of the Hebrew cataloguing department and chief librarian of the JNUL. President of Yeshiva University, New York.
      Archive includes: correspondence, offprints and copies of material dealing with Hebrew incunabula.
      ARC. 4° 1839 (NL)

    Tishby, Yeshayahu (Sàndor Schwarz) (Stanislo, Hung. 1908 – Jerusalem 1992).
      Scholar of Kabbalah, chasidut and ethical Hebrew literature. Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Moved to E. Israel in 1933.
      ARC. 4º 1526 (L) Available with restrictions.

    Troyansky, Yosef.
      The collection includes letters from Yosef Troyansky to his children between the years 1922-1938 and other lists.
      ARC. 4° 1616 (NL)

    Trumpeldor, Joseph (Pyatigorsk, Rus.1880 – Tel Hai 1920).
      Pioneer, Zionist leader and fighter.
      Archival material until August 1918.
      ARC. 4º 1644 (L)

    Tsafrir, Yoram (Kfar Azar 1938 – ).
      Professor of archaeology and lecturer at the Hebrew University. Member of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Director of The Jewish National & University Library. Writer.
      ARC. 4° 1826 (NL)

    Tsesler, Shmuel (Zabludov, Pol. 1904 – Buenos Aires 1987).
      Yiddish poet. Moved to Argentina in 1935.
      ARC. 4º 1660 (NL)

    Tur, Raphael (formerly Turovlin, Falk) ( – Jerusalem, 1981).
      Actor and radio broadcaster in Jerusalem.
      ARC. 4º 1548 (NL)

    Turkov, Mark (Warsaw 1904 – Buenos Aires 1983).
      Actor and journalist.
      ARC. 4º 1544 (L)

    Turovlin, Falk, see: Tur, Raphael.

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    Urbach, Ephraim Elimelech (Poland 1912 – Jerusalem 1991).
      Researcher in the field of Talmud and Rabbinic literature. Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Moved to E. Israel in 1938. Recipient of Israel Prize in 1955. President of The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
      The archive contains handwritten and typed drafts and articles about Zionism and the State, correspondence and documents mainly on the subject of Zionism and the State, but also concerning public affairs and his research in the field of Jewish studies. Also research notes, articles, newspaper interviews and recordings of his lectures.
      ARC. 4° 1873 (TL)

    Utas, Israel Laslo (Siofok, Hungary 1887 – Wels, Austria 1978).
      Jewish socialist and anarchist. Founder and editor of the journal “Freie Welt”. Moved to Vienna in 1947.
      No correspondence, only printed material.
      ARC. 4º 1529 (NL)

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    Veith, Robert (Yugoslavia 1893 – Jerusalem ? after 1958).
      Yiddish poet. Lived in Italy between 1942-3, then in refugee camp hospital and convalescent home in Switzerland.
      Moved to E. Israel with his wife, Rachel, in 1945.
      ARC. 4° 1836 (L)

    Velikovsky, Immanuel (Vitebsk, Russia 1895 – USA 1979).
      Physician and psychoanalyst. Moved to E. Israel in 1924. Travelled to USA for research purposes in 1939. Used knowledge in history, geology, astronomy, bible, physics, psychology and anthorpology in his research. Some of his books: “Worlds in Collision” and “Stargazers and Gravediggers“.
      The archive is also on microfilm.
      ARC. 4° 1612 (L)

    Verea, Adrian (Botosari, Romania 1876 – 1944).
      Author, poet, musician, painter, journalist, and theatre critic.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 410 (L)

    Vinograd, Moshe Chaim

      The collection contains his writings.
      ARC. 4° 1831 (TL)

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    Wahl, Joseph (Berlin 1897 – Ramat Gan 1968).
      Active in the Zionist movement in Berlin and active member of the ‘Hilfsverein der deutschen Juden’ (Relief Organisation of German Jews).
      ARC. 4º 1573 (L)

    Walzer, Richard Rudolf (Berlin 1900 – 1975).
      Scholar of Greek and Arabic philosophy.
      ARC. 4º 1656 (NL)

    Warburg, Otto (Hamburg 1859 – Berlin 1938).
      Professor of botany, active in the Zionist movement.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 547 (L)

    Waxman, Nisan (Struvin, Belar. 1904 – Petach Tikvah 1982).
      Moved to USA in 1922 where he became a Rabbi and head of yeshivot. Moved to Israel in 1962 and became secretary of the rabbinical court in Tel Aviv.
      ARC. 4º 1714 (L)

    Weichert, Michael (Galicia 1890 – Israel 1967).
      Yiddish playwright and theatrical producer in Vilna and Warsaw. Active in Jewish self-help in Warsaw Ghetto. Moved to Israel in 1957.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 371 (L)

    Weil, Gotthold Eliyakim (Berlin 1882 – Jerusalem 1960).
      Professor of philology and oriental studies at the universities of Berlin and Frankfurt. Moved to E. Israel in 1935. Head of JNUL and professor at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 362 (L)

    Weinberg, Yehudah Louis (Westfalen 1883 – Tel Aviv 1960).
      Jurist and poet. Active in the Zionist movement in Germany. Worked with Dr. Ruppin in E. Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1554 (L)

    Weiss, Yoseph (Budapest 1918 – London 1969).
      Scholar of Hasidism and Kabbalah. Moved to E. Israel in 1939. 1967-1969 Prof. of Jewish Studies, University College London.
      ARC. 4º 1479 (L)

    Weitzmann, Siegfried (Berlin 1886 – Tel Aviv 1960).
      Architect, essayist, author and Zionist activist.
      V. 2665 (L)

    Weltsch, Felix (Prague 1884 – Jerusalem 1964).
      Philosopher, jurist, publicist and librarian at the JNUL. Active in the Prague Zionist movement. Friend of Kafka and Brod.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 418 (L)

    Werses, Shmuel (Vilna 1915 – Jerusalem 2011).
      Professor of Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University and recipient of the Israel Prize in 1989. Shmuel Werses was one of the foremost scholars of the literature of the Haskalah. His fields of research also included the history of the Hebrew periodical and modern Hebrew literature.
      The archive includes: personal documents, diaries and notebooks, correspondence, preparatory work and notes for articles, lectures and research, his MA thesis and doctoral dissertation.
      ARC. 4° 1895 (TL)

    Wiener, Aron Alfred (Germany 1895 – Jerusalem 1972).
      Lawyer in Berlin and Jerusalem. Humanist and writer.
      Moved to E. Israel in 1933 with his wife Käthe, an artistic bookbinder in Jerusalem until 1969. Literary estate.
      ARC. 4° 1859 (L)

    Wiener, Meir (Krakow, Poland 1893 – killed in military action near Viazma 1941).
      Author, critic, journalist and scholar of Yiddish literature. Moved to USSR in 1926.
      ARC. 4º 1763 (L)

    Wilbusch (family)
      Pioneer family in the fields of industry and production. Nahum Wilbusch was a mechanical engineer, who founded the first oil factory.
      The collection includes: family correspondence, mainly letter from Nahum Wilbusch to his daughter Zohara. There is also a biography of Nahum written by his son Yoel.
      ARC. 4° 1771 (NL)

    Winitzki, David (Bessarabia 1907 – Givatayim 1987).

      Material relating to the history of the Jewish communities in Bessarabia.
      Moved to Israel in 1961.
      ARC. 4º 1561 (L)

    Wolfsberg, Y., see: Aviad, Yeshayahu.

    Wolpe, David Elimelech (Kaidan, Lith. 1908 – ).
      Yiddish poet and literary essayist. Moved to South Africa in 1951.
      ARC. 4º 1683 (L)

    Wormann, Curt David (Berlin 1900 – Jerusalem 1991).
      Librarian. Moved to E. Israel in 1933. Director of JNUL 1947-1968.
      After World War II he directed operation to salvage hundreds of thousands of looted books in Europe for the University Library. Founded Graduate Library School in Jerusalem in 1956, with the aid of UNESCO.
      ARC. 4º 1682 (NL)

    Wunder, Meir (Haifa 1934 – ).
      Librarian. Director of various libraries, including the library of the Ponevezh Yeshiva and the ‘Shekel’ library. Senior librarian at the National Library of Israel. Author of books and articles.
      ARC. 4º 1855 (NL)

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    Yaari, Avraham (East Galicia 1899 – Jerusalem 1966).
      Bibliographer, scholar of the Hebrew book, history of the Yishuv and the history of Oriental Jewry. Moved to E. Israel in 1920 and at the JNUL since 1925.
      ARC. 4º 1610 (NL)

    Yaari, Elly, see: Gross, Elly.

    Yaffe, Avraham B. (Serbia 1924 – Tel Aviv 2008).
      Yaffe moved to E. Israel in 1940. He was a member of the editorial board of "Al HaMishmar". Together with Avraham Shlonski he was one of the founders of 'the progressive culture club', later known as Tzavta. Editor of the literary supplement of "Al HaMishmar". He wrote books on literary criticism relating to Israeli and other, mainly French, literature.
      The archive contains: a few diaries, notebooks, letters, articles, a file of various documents concerning the Rumanian Jewish community, drafts of plays, translations of poetry and newspaper clippings.
      ARC. 4° 1871 (NL)

    Yaffe, Leib, see: König, Leo.

    Yahuda, Avraham Shalom (Jerusalem 1877 – New Haven 1951).
      Orientalist. Prof. at University of Madrid and at the New School for Social Research, NY.
      Collector of books and manuscripts – donated his collections to the Jewish National and University Library.
      Yah. Ms. Var. 38 (L)

    Yakir, Yankel Yaakov (Oerlitz [Pyrhtsa], Mold. 1908 – Netanya 1980).
      Yiddish author. Moved to Israel in 1972.
      ARC. 4º 1711 (L)

    Yehoshua, Avraham B. (Jerusalem 1936 – ).
      Novelist, essayist and Prof. at Haifa University.
      Available to public with limitations.
      ARC. 4º 1579 (Archive being arranged)

    Yellin - Mor (Friedman), Nathan (Grodno 1913 – Tel Aviv 1980).
      Leader of the Lehi underground movement, journalist.
      ARC. 4º 1722 (L)

    Yosef, Dov (Canada 1899- Israel 1980).
      Dov Yosef, a lawyer by profession, was the Military Governor of Jerusalem during the War of Independence and a minister in various Israeli governments.
      The collection contains correspondence and photographs.
      ARC. 4° 1879 (NL)

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    Zabara, Nathan (Rogaczew (Wolhyn) 1908 – Kiev 1975).
      Yiddish writer in USSR.
      ARC. 4º 1759 (L)

    Zack, Leon (Nijni-Novgorod 1892 – Paris 1980).
      Russian Jewish artist and philosopher.
      ARC. 4° 1838 (L)

    Zador, Henry Bela (Budapest 1905 – Bnei Brak 1981).
      Hungarian Jewish novelist, writer and industrialist. Moved to E. Israel in 1939.
      ARC. 4º 1563 (L)

    Zak, Avraham (Amdur?, Grodno1891 – Buenos Aires 1980).
      Yiddish writer. Lived in USSR, Lodz, and Paris before moving to Buenos Aires in 1952.
      ARC. 4º 1716 (L)

    Zakalik, Menahem (Kotsk, Pol. 1889 – Tel Aviv 1980).
      Yiddish writer and journalist. Moved to E. Israel in 1934.
      ARC. 4º 1677 (L)

    Zaltzman, Leib, see: Malach, Leib.

    Zeitlin, Aharon (Uvarovichi, Belar. 1898 – New York 1973).
      Author, poet, literary critic and publicist in Yiddish and Hebrew. Moved to New York in 1939.
      ARC. 4º 1490 (L)

    Zeitlin, Nahum Nathan.
      20th century Jewish journalist in Boston, USA.
      Articles in English, Yiddish and Hebrew.
      ARC. 4º 543 (L)

    Zetlin, Michael (Moscow 1882 – New York 1945).
      Poet, literary critic, translator, writer and publisher in Russian. Founder and editor of Novi Journal in New York, 1942.
      Grandson of Kalonymous Zeev Wissotsky (tea business).
    Zetlin, Maria (Moscow 1882 – New York 1976).
      ARC. Ms. Var. 401 (L) Material is in Russian.

    Zilzer, Gyula (Budapest 1898 – New York 1969).
      Graphic artist and painter. Worked in Paris and as a production designer in Hollywood. Moved to New York in 1954..
      ARC. 4º 1779 (L)

    Zirelson, Yehudah Leib (Koslitz, Rus. 1860 – died in German bombing of Kishinev 1941).
      Rabbi and community worker, author, publicist, linguist. Ideologue of religious Zionism..
      Member of Romanian parliament and city councillor for the town of Kishinev after 1904 pogrom. Prominent in Agudat Israel.
      V. 696 (L)

    Zissu, Avraham Leib (Piatra Neant, Romania 1888 – Israel 1956).
      Romanian Zionist leader and author. Founder of daily Zionist newspaper HaMekitz.
      Arrested and imprisoned in 1954 in Romania for Zionist activities. Released and moved to Israel in 1956.
      ARC. 4º 1253 (L)

    Zislin, Shaul Dov (Kraslava, Lat. 1879 – Tel Aviv 1962).
      Rabbi and Habad activitist in Russia. Moved to E. Israel in 1934. Founder of “Beit Shlomo” synagogue in Tel Aviv. Member of Rabbinical court.
      ARC. 4° 1819 (L)

    Zohar (Forrer), Yitzhak (Suceava, Bukovina 1906 – Holon 1985).
      Hebrew and Yiddish author. Interned in Transnistria during World War II. Lived in France afterwards until he moved to Israel.
      ARC. 4º 1671 (L)

    Zondek, Hermann (Wronke, Posen 1887 – Jerusalem 1979).
      Endocrinologist, professor of endocrinology at the Hebrew University.
      Includes material from the estate of his brother Bernhard (1891-1966), who was an endocrinologist and gynaecologist and head of the hormone research laboratory at the Hebrew University.
      ARC. 4º 1674 (L)

    Zulay, Menachem (Oscianci, Galicia 1901 – Jerusalem 1954).
      Scholar of early Eretz Israeli piyyut and medieval poetry at the Schocken Institute, Jerusalem. Moved to E. Israel in 1920 and taught Hebrew to Schocken’s children from 1925.
      ARC. 4º 1550 (L)

    Zunz, Leopold (Yom Tov Lippmann) (Detmold 1794 – Berlin 1886).
      German Jewish historian and philosopher. Among the founders of the “Science of Judaism”..
      Member of editorial board of Berlin daily newspaper, Haude und Spenersche Zeitung (1824-31) and director of Jewish primary school. Scholar of Hebrew literature.
      ARC. 4º 792 (L)

    Zurba (Zarbinski), Israel (Grajewo, Pol. 1879 – Ramat Gan 1964).
      Community worker and businessman. Participated in activities to develop the Yishuv and published articles on the subject.
      ARC. 4º 797 (L)

    Zweig, Max (A. Benau, Robert Hall) (Prostejov, Czech Republic 1892 – Jerusalem 1992).
      Dramatist, author of many plays on religious, historical and contemporary themes. Freelance writer in Berlin, 1920-1938. Moved to E. Israel in 1938..
      Additional material in Marbach, Germany.
      ARC. 4º 1730 (L)

    Zweig, Stefan (Vienna 1881 – Petropolis, Brasil 1942).
      Famous Austrian Jewish author, translator, essayist, playwright and biographer in German. Resident in UK and USA before moving to Brasil, where he and his wife committed suicide.
      ARC. Ms. Var. 305 (L))

    Zweig, Paul (Prossnitz 1903 - Auschwitz 1944).
      Poet. Brother of Max Zweig and relative of Stefan Zweig.
      V. 2986 (L)

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