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The Ancient City of Jerusalem The Road to Jaffa and to the Sea Pompeus Camp The Serpents (Snakes) Pool The Valley of the Dead Bodies (Jeremiah 31:40) Roman Camp The Village of Erebintonicus Chaldean Camp The Golgotha Mount or The Calvary Place  (Matthew 27:33) The Holy Sepulcher (The Lord's Tomb) The Tomb of Annas the High Priest The Merchant's Gate - The Tower of David The Road to Emmaus The Road to Bethlehem and Hebron The Lower Gihon Spring The Trial Gate Gihon Mountain (1  Kings 1:45) The Upper Gihon Spring (2 Chronicles 32:30) The City of Zion or The Upper City The House of the Heroes  - The House of the Mighty (Nehemiah 3:16) The Pool of Siloah (Nehemiah 3:15) The Residences of the Priests Theater Gymnasium The Court of the Gentiles The Fuller's Field (Isaiah 7:3) Peter's Pit Apostles Shelter Annas the High Priest's House The Ancient Pool Headquarters Amphitheater The Second City The Lower City Market Assyrian Camp The Gate of the High Priest The Corner Stone (Isaiah 28:16) Herod's Monument Village of Jerusalem The Washerman's  Monument The Olive Trees' Garden The Place were Jesus ascended up to heaven (Luke 24:51) Gethsemane's House (Matthew 26:36) King's Gardens The Golden and  Eastern Gate Cistern Astaroth Temple (Deuteronomy 1:4) Mount of Olives (Matthew 21:1) Bethpage/ Bethsphage (Matthew 21:1) The Stronghold (Nebulous) Tower (Micah 4:7) The Palace of Herod The  Tower Antonia The House of Veronica Absalom's Place (2 Samuel 18:18) The dried Fig Tree  (Mark 11:20) Valley of Jehoshaphat Valley of Jehoshaphat Dung Gate (Nehemiah 2:13) Isaiah's Tomb The King's Gardens Gate The Upper Pool The Court The Ark (Exodus 25:10) Holy of Holies Sanctuary The Court of the Gentiles The Jewish Temple Cypress The Palace of David The Stronghold of Zion (Samuel 5:7) The Hinnom Valley (Joshua 15:8, 18:16) or The Topheth Valley (Jeremiah 7:31) The New City also called Bethzeta The House of the Rich Feaster (Luke 16:19) Curia (Meeting House) The Supporting Terraces (or The Gullet of Millo) (2 Samuel 5:9, 1 Kings 9:15) The House of The High Priest Solomon's Palace Macabbees Palace The Road to Jericho  and Jordan The Palace of Grapte The Field of Blood (Matthew 27:8, Acts 1:19) The Residence of the Priests The Tower Antonia House of the Archives (Ezra 6:1) The Graves of the Brook Kidron The Tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary [The House] of Simon the Pharisee (Luke 7:36) The House of the Forest of Lebanon (1 Kings 10: 21) The Wood Market The Jackal (or Serpent) Well (Nehemiah 2:13) The Residences of the Levites The Court of the Gentiles The Court of the Gentiles Hill of Corruption (2 Kings 23:13) Molech / Milcom 's Temple (1 Kings 11:7) The Road to Jericho  and Jordan The Road to Jericho  and Jordan The Palace of the Queen Bethany (Matthew 21:17, Mark 11:1) Mount Moriah (Chronicles 3:1) Queen  Bernice  (Palace)