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The Tower of DavidThe Road that leads to Bethlehem Pilate's ArchThe House of the Evil CouncilThe Place where David composed  Seven PsalmsThe Field of Blood (Matthew 27:8)The Pool of Siloam  (John 9:7)The Cemetery of the Ethiopian The Place in which Peter wept bitterly (Matthew 26:75, Luke 22:62)The Shiloah (Siloam) Tower En Rogel  (Rogel Fountain) (Joshua 15:17)Mount of Olives (Matthew 21:1)The Golden GateThe Virgin Mary's Tomb Here Saint Mary was fedThe House of Annas  The Gate of the JewsJerusalem, the holy city, of Judea, by far the most famous of all the Orient, which is in nowadays famous for its grandeur and magnificenceThe Kidron  Brook  (2 Samuel 15:23)The Hall of the Last Supper (Matthew 26)The Jehoshaphat Valley (Joel 3:2)Solomon's Temple(The House of )  Saint VeronicaThe Probatica (Bethesda) Pool (John 5:2)Pilate's HouseThe Place where Saint John the Baptist was beheaded (in fact the place where Saint James was decapitated, Acts 12:2) The Castle of the Pisans Jaffa GateThe Place of a Skull (The Calvary) (Matthew 27:33, Luke 23:33)The Holy Sepulchre (The Lord's Tomb)Herod's PalaceThe Palace of the Pilgrim KnightsDamascus GateMosqueSaint MarthaThe House of Caiaphas (Matthew 26:3)Pilat's FortressWhere Maria the Blessed is bornSaint Stephen Gate Here Saint Stephen was stoned (Act 7:59)Jehoshaphat's TowerThe Place where the Christ prayed (Matthew 26:36 or Luke 11:1-4) Here the Disciples were Guilty of Taking Flight (conf. Matthew 26:56)Here the Christ was whipped (Matthew 27:26, John 19:1)LazarusThe House of the Rich Feaster (Luke 16:19)